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5mm anti-reflective glass supplier,High transmission 5mm anti-reflective glass manufacturer,low reflectance anti-reflective glass

5mm anti-reflective glass supplier,High transmission 5mm anti-reflective glass manufacturer,low reflectance anti-reflective glass

  • Specification:
  • Glass type:Anti-reflective glass
  • Color: bronze
  • Thickness: 2mm 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm
  • Standard size: 1200mm*1650mm(max size) or customized size
  • Surface: AR reflective coated
  • Transmittance:93%-99%
  • Reflectivity:1%
  • Quality: grade A,
  • Package: wooden crates
  • Delivery: 7-10days
AR glass is a glass that has been optically coated on one or two sides to diminish reflections and increase the light transmission, to reduce surface glare and increase substrate transmission and brightness offering better contrast definition by reducing surface reflection over a specific wavelength range. Ghost images and multiple reflection can be minimized and possibly eliminated by applying an AR coating on the glass surface.

Features of anti-reflective glass:

  High transmission & low reflectance

  Technologies can AR coat customer-supplied glass optics or fabricate from our 

  anti-reflective coated glass always in stock

  Large format AR-coated glass readily available (contact factory for stock >availability)

  Contrast enhancement for sharp, clear graphics and 

  Standard broadband AR reduces surface reflection from 4% to less than 0.5%

  Can be used in conjunction with conductive ITO coatings, bus bars, UV rejection 

  coatings and surface enhancement coatings (index matching available)

  Can be custom designed to meet your wavelength requirements

  Anti-Smudge coating can be applied over AR to reduce “fingerprinting”

  Hydrophobic topcoat can be applied to eliminate moisture buildup

  Can make into tempered glass and silk screen glass

 Typical Applications:

  Electronic Display

  Optics for LED lighting

  LCD Display

  Front Panel Displays

  Thin-Film LCD Heater Panel

  Instrumentation Windows



  Architectural Windows

  Display Cases


  Projection Port Windows

  Sight Glass

  Oil painting frame

  Museum showing shelf

 Products details:

 Packing and loading:


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