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Building safety glass

  • Autor:kim
  • Fuente:www.sggglassmanufactuer.com
  • Suelte el:2016-11-30
In the era of peace, the design of residential, commercial and other facilities mainly consider the function of the building, aesthetic and buildable. However, in order to ensure the functionality and aesthetics of these buildings in the design life, many low-probability natural disasters and vicious attacks need to be considered, such as storms, floods, fires, earthquakes and terrorist attacks. Building a large number of glass materials used in the building structure is relatively weak link. The investigation and statistics found that, in the terrorist activities of the scene of the explosion, causing injuries to various factors, the broken pieces of broken glass, shrapnel damage even more than direct damage caused by the explosion more prominent, 75% of the casualties and glass .

In the just occurred "Tianjin 8.12 Binhai New Area big bang", in addition to the general explosion fire will encounter burns burns and building collapses crushed, the explosion in a lot of wounded is instantly blasting the architectural glass scratches , Stabbed, and ultimately caused heavy casualties. The accident once again to the world sounded the alarm, the use of safety glass has aroused the attention of the community.

Safety glass is to meet the existing national standards of tempered glass, laminated glass and laminated or laminated glass from the processing of other glass products, such as safety insulating glass, fire glass, bullet-proof glass, anti-smashing glass. Safety glass is mainly used in automotive, trains, ships, aircraft, home appliances and other industrial fields and housing construction, decoration and other industries. Among them, with the vigorous development of high-rise buildings in recent years, building technology and the growing maturity of innovation and awareness of the continuous improvement of the glass, construction safety glass at home and abroad is particularly rapid development.

At present, foreign countries have developed and applied a series of high-performance building safety glass, including: anti-hurricane glass, anti-explosion glass, anti-riot glass, fire glass, bulletproof glass, anti-theft glass. In the United States, for example, hurricane-resistant glass has been mandated in states such as Florida and Texas along the Atlantic coast and has successfully saved many lives and property in recent years. Anti-theft glass is used for some residential and shops.

Source from www.sggglassmanufacturer.com