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How to have high end quality of tempered glass?

  • Autor:Susan
  • Fuente:www.sggglassmanufacturer.com
  • Suelte el:2016-10-20
As we all known that tempered glass is one kind of solution to reduce the anneal glass thermal broken because of the high temperature which caused by outside. 
Today I would like to share with you that as a professional tempered glass factory Sun Global Glass factory how to control the quality of toughened glass. 

1.What kindly of glass can be substrate of tempered glass? 

Choose top quality substrate glass as for production materials, Float glass thickness from 3mm to 19mm, such as:

2. Toughened glass is a customized product. 

  •  before mass production Sun Global  Glass normally will issue CAD drawing for client’s confirmation. Production details, including: drilled holes, cut notches, beveled edge, polished edge, safety corner, etc. 
3. Production Standard 

  • All toughened safety glass comply with CE/ BS6206, ISO 9001:2015, etc. 
4.Production equipment 

  •  Sun Global Glass has CNC Automatic Cutting Machine, 8 Meters Convection Tempering Furnace, Double Edge Grinding Machine, etc. 
5.Sun Global Glass Business Scope: 

  • Clear tempered glass 
  • Tinted tempered glass 
  • Reflective toughened glass 
  • Low iron toughened glass 
  • Laminated tempered glass 
  • Low E Insulated toughened glass 
  • Silkscreen glass 
  • Painted glass 
  • Etc. 

Welcome to contact with Sun Global Glass factory to get more tempered glass wholesale price directly.

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