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Laminated glass

  • Autor:kim
  • Fuente:www.sggglassmanufactuer.com
  • Suelte el:2016-11-29
High security: the interlayer film havetough and strong adhesion, damaged by the impact is not easy to fall apart, the fragments will not fall off, and the interlayer film will tightly stick together. Compared with other glass, with seismic, anti-theft, bullet-proof, explosion-proof performance.
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Energy saving: the middle layer can reduce the solar radiation, to prevent the loss of energy, saving air-conditioning power, the middle of the sound film products can buffer the role of sound, so as to achieve sound insulation. But the sound insulation is not very good, because it is not a vacuum layer, but the two pieces of glass sandwiched between the film, film test sound, with the hollow almost. The middle film can block 99 percent of the ultraviolet rays, delay the fading of indoor furniture curtains. Increase the aesthetic appearance of the building. The interlayers are available in a variety of colors for the designer to choose and coordinate with the external walls and the surrounding environment.

Due to the high impact strength and safety of the laminated glass, doors, windows, ceilings, bathing rooms, floors and partitions, industrial skylights, shop windows, kindergartens, schools, stadiums, private residences , Villas, homes for the asylum, banks, jewelry stores, post offices and other valuables or glass fragile buildings such as doors and windows. Laminated glass is also often used in public facilities such as gymnasiums, airports, hotels, ministries and commissions, places where accidents occur (such as floor-to-ceiling windows, glass doors) and roof skylights.
Curved plastic glass and anti-theft glass can be used for banks, securities companies, insurance companies and other financial enterprises operating room and gold and silver jewelry shops, museums, commercial residential buildings, prisons and other places of the counter, doors and windows. PVB films produced in special formulations are widely used in aerospace, military and high-tech industries, such as aircraft, spacecraft, military equipment, solar cells and solar energy receivers, and are used in industrial damping steel plates .

Source from www.sggglassmanufacturer.com