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What colors and designs can be achieved on glass?

  • Autor:Brenda
  • Fuente:www.sggglassmanufacturer.com
  • Suelte el:2016-11-28
Normally we see glass is simply transparent and colorless. However glass is a very flexible decorative building material and can be achieved a lot of colors and designs. 

For colorless glass, we have clear glass, and extra clear glass (ultra white, or low iron). The later is crystal colorless, refer to an uper grade decoration material. 

Translucent glass is created by acid etched glass or sandblasted glass technique. The original glass can be clear glass, or tinted glass. To let translucent glass has different colors.

Transparent colors
It is mainly refer to tinted glass, reflective glass, or laminated glass with colored PVB film. For tinted glass and reflective glass, we have color blue, green, grey and bronze. For laminated glass, we can do any color of PVB but need a certain quantity to produce. 

Solid colors
We produce solid colors glass by screen printed or oil painting way. Solid color glass looks like lacqured glass, there are multiple colors available, as long as you have the pantone number. But the color is not transparent. It mainly used for splashbacks and countertops. 

Images on glass
Sun Global Glass creat art on glass by two method. Silk screen printed on glass, or digital printing on glass. The difference is, digital printing on glass can make high pixel pictures, and most closed to the original artwork. 

To know more information about our colored glass, or other building glass products, please contact us: www.sggglassmanufacturer.com