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What kind of experiences for the tinted float glass?

  • Autor:mengmeng
  • Fuente:原创
  • Suelte el:2018-12-24
With the improvement of life highly for to living ,more and more people can adapter to live beautyful housing , and the environment with good comfort and high-end atmosphere may be accept more popular and pursued for veryone, Just as the glass that people are familiar with has become a part of the trend of home decoration, bringing more comfortable and safer housing needs for the majority of people.

Some art glass can make more patterns to enhance the decorative effect. For example, a more common kind of balcony glass window in life can bring a unique life experience.

This product of glass is not strange to everyone. The most intuitive visual effect is colorless and transparent, but this is basic, and today's craftsmanship is very refined. Glass can be application to different fields and places to Satisfy the needs of various life and place. Here I want to say a tinted float glass that is different from ordinary glass.

Tinted float glass. Generally used to be doors and windows or glass curtain walls of buildings. Tinted glass absorbs and re-radiates solar energy reducing heat, providing cost efficient climate control. It also reduces sun glare and is aesthetically appealing.Because its most advantage is that it is both light and heat insulation.

Colored glass is not only keep an good energy-saving decorative but alsol absorb heat rays in sunlight significantly . Colored glass usually has a certain color, so it is also called colored heat absorbing glass. It is produced by adding a coloring agent to ordinary glass.

• Limits the transmission of ultraviolet radiation.
• Protecting furniture and furnishings from fading.
• Reducing solar glare and heat transmission.

Otherwise, tinted float glass can Customizable different of color for example :Bronze, Dark Grey, Euro Grey, Dark Green, F-Green, Dark Blue, Ford Blue, Black, etc.

• Provides varied degrees of solar control and energy saving.
• Can be cut, bent, tempered, heat strengthened and laminated.