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21.52 m tempered laminated glass, tempered laminated glass on sale 21.52 mm, glass laminated safety in China

21.52 m tempered laminated glass, tempered laminated glass on sale 21.52 mm, glass laminated safety in China

  • Type of glass: laminated glass tempered 21.52 m
  • Another name: 21.52 mm toughened laminated glass / laminated safety 21.52 mm glass
  • Composition: glass 10 mm + 1.52 pvb + 10mm glass
  • Shape: flat and curved
  • Glass color: clear, engraved etching acid, glass print, blue, green, grey, bronze
  • Glass thickness: 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 15mm 19mm
  • PVB color: clear, white, milky white, any pantone color
  • PVB thickness: 0.38, 0.76, 1.14, 1.52, 1.9
  • Glass size: maximum 8000 mm
  • Interlayer material: PVB or SGP
  • Package: drawers wood export
  • Delivery: 7-15 days
  • Container size: LCL, 20' GP, 20' OT  
SGG 21.52 mm tempered glass laminate supplier and manufacturer in China

21.52 mm toughened laminated glass It is a kind of high security laminated glass. It is two panels of tempered glass 10 mm bonded together with a film PVB 1.52 to produce an outcome desired... may be the interlayer of PVB, EVA and SGP. SGP which we buy from Dupont. 21.52 m tempered laminated glass benefits of the range of high strength and withstand the impact of high pressure custom color (any pantone color) and individuals.

1. Security: 21.52 mm toughened laminated glass They combine the advantages of tempered and laminated glass. Once the break occurs, interlayer bonded fragments, therefore the fragments will not fall, which effectively prevent the fragments harms humans through the fall of glass breakage incident, to ensure the personal safety

2. sound proof: SGP or PVB film It has a different density with glass panels, stop the transmission of sound. A standard window insulated with a layer of laminated glass would have a kind of sound around transmission of 32-35, very improved sound controlling from an ordinary window non-laminated glass. 

3 UV rays of reduction:  Avoid furniture interior, curtains and other items the impact of ultraviolet radiation.

4 fire resistance: Correspondingly configured glass laminated tempered protects against fire or bombing. 

5. saving: Laminated tempered glass can reduce the transmission of the light of the Sun, thus may reduce the energy consumption by equipment such as air conditioning.

6. decoration: the crystals are of classic material, but different separators are hunters of real eye. We can produce the laminated tempered glass with silk, metal, feathers, grass, film transparent, semi-transparent or opaque, even printing photos. 

1 glass ceiling 
2. glass railings 
3. close of glass
4 glass facade
5 glass floor
6 glass staircase
7 glass elevator
8 glass porch
9. run glass
10. other applications of glazing need security as Bank, airport, centers trade, counters of jewelry...

Something need attention of 21.52 mm tempered laminated glass

1.21. 52Tempered laminated glass shall be packed in container with wooden box. Each laminated tempered glass should pachaged with Pearl wool. .

2.21. 52mm temepred laminated glass can not be cut, drilled and edge polishing after processing, otherwise it will be
explosion. Not so quite sharp, hard objects striking the edge of the glass, which easy to cause the glass to burst. 

3.21. 52Tempered laminated glass should avoid exposure to high temperatures or bad weather before installation.otherwise you can change the color of the glass.

Maximum size: length 8000 mm
Thickness range: 4mm to 65mm in thickness
Range of colours: Any color

Data processing:
21.52 mm. tempered laminated glass they can be processed exactly with polished edges, intersection safety, drill, short outs to mount with different types of accessories. 

Quality certificates:
1 screen printing printed standard safety glass 10 mm meeting BS 6206 glass United Kingdom. 

2 silkscreen printed standard of European safety CE 12150 GLASS 10 mm meeting glass.

3 meeting of 10 mm glass printed silkscreen China compulsory certification in safety glass (CCC)

Details of the image of 21.52 mm. tempered laminated glass:

Product image:
clear tempered laminated glass

Break of tempered laminated glass:

Production line:


Other popular thickness:
8,76 mm toughened laminated glass
13.52 mm toughened laminated glass
17,52 mm toughened laminated glass
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