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SZG Quality

Quality control:
In order to keep our glass in good quality, we use following equipment to take inspection before delivery.

glass inspection equipment

Our customer take flashlight to inspect our glass and our glass pass the inspection.

glass inspection

Shenzhen Sun Global Glass CO., LTD produce processed glass under ISO 9001 quality system.
All glass produced by Sun Global Glass factory are accord with China CCC certification for tempered glass and laminated glass in 2018. 

Meanwhile, our products are also produced strictly in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001 quality management system certification. At present, our products have passed the quality inspection of the following glass quality certificates approved by Europe and America: BS6206 Certificate, Certificate EN 14449:2005, SGCC ANSI Z97 Certificate 

Quality Management System --- ISO9001 Certificate


The products provided by our company are guaranteed to be implemented in principle according to the technical standards stipulated by the People's Republic of China.

1. The tempered glass must meet the standard of GB15763.2.

2. The laminated glass must meet the standard of GB9962.

3. The insulated glass must meet the standard of GB11944.

Safety Glass Certificate ---SGCC


Safety Glass Certificate: EN14449


Safety Glass Certificate ---EN12543

Safety Glass Certificate ---EN12150

Dupont Glass Certificate 

Safety Glass Certificate ---BS6206

Safety Glass Certificate ---CCC(Cerficate for China Compulsory Products)