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About Us

Shenzhen Sun Global Glass  Co., Ltd,  Founded in 1993, is now a manufacturer of professional processed glass factory in China for construction glass. We produce heated processed safety glass and decorative glass not only to China but also to the outside of the market more than 70 countries around the world. 

 Now Sun Global Glass is equipped with 24 production lines. Mainly producing tempered glass, laminated glass, curved glass, insulated glass, printed glass silk screen, SGP film glass, EVA film glass, heat srengthened glass, heat soaked glass and decorative glass and mirrors. All Crystal comply with quality standards for different countries, such as ISO, CE, EN, BS, ANSI SGCC by SZG. 

The support of local exporters in Guangdong provience, We have been chosen as the excutive President Enterprise Association for integration of resources of Commerce International

Shenzhen Sun Global Glass Co., Limited is one of main building glass manufacturers in China. Our factory occupies  120,000 square meters. There are 1000 skilled workers, 30 well-experienced and innovative technicians with advanced production machines, such as: Tempered Glass Furnace, Laminated Glass Furnace, Insulated Glass Production line, Silkscreen Printing Glass Production Line, Computerized Cutting Machines, Imported Polishing Machines, Auto Grinding Machine, and CNC processing center, and so on.

Our mission is to offer our customers excellent service and top quality glass products and be a reliable supplier for long term cooperation.     


In 2020, Shenzhen Sun Global Glass co ltd start to provide glass fittings for our customters, incldue accessories for railing/fence/balustrade, shower door, window and door etc. All those hardwares are with good quality. Now we can provide one-stop purchasing solution service for our customers.

Computor controlled cutting Machine:

Maz size: 3.3x13m

Size tolerance: ±1(normally); ±0.5 will be available if needed.

Precise control, automatic upper and lower glass panels

Double track polished machine:

Edges:Flat,Pencil,Bevel,OGEE,Chamfer etc

Maz size: 3.3x13m

Drilling holes machine:

Distance(hole to edge)≥2.5*glass thickness

Hole diameter≥2*glass thickness

Distance(hole to corner)≥5*glass thickness


Production of tempered glass: 

Production capacity: 13000m 2 per day

Glass thickness: 3mm - 19 mm

Max size: 3.3x13m 

Tolerance: Thickness tolerance: within 0.2mm

Dimension tolerance: normally within 1mm

Certificate: CE EN12150, CCC, ISO9001,BS6206,GB15763.2-2005 etc

Self-exploding rate﹤3/1000

Laminated glass production line: 

Production capacity: 6000m 2 per day

Type of the interlayer: EVA, SGP, PVB 

Max size: 3.3x13m

PVB thickness: 0.38mm 1.76mm 1.14mm 1.52mm 1.9mm etc

Certificate: CE EN12150, CCC, EN14449,SGCC,GB15763.2-2005&GB9962 etc

Insulated glass production line:

Production capacity: 2500m 2 per day

Bicomponent ( structural seal and PIB) for secundary sealant

Butyl glue insulated glass are used outside, and Sulfur glue insulated glass are used inside

Performance: U value≥1.0; SC≥2.0

Max Size: 3.3x12M

Curved glass production line:
Production capacity: 1200 m2 per day


Arc Lengthen≤3300


Certificate: CE EN12150, CCC, ISO9001,BS6206,GB15763.2-2005 etc

Heat Soaked glass production line:

Max Size: 3.3x13m

Self-exploding rate﹤1/100000

Certificate: CE EN12150, CCC, ISO9001,BS6206,GB15763.2-2005 etc

Silk screen printing glass production line:

Production capacity: 1200 m2 per day

Color: based on Ral or Pantone card.

Max size: 3.3x12M

Certificate: CE EN12150, CCC, ISO9001,BS6206,GB15763.2-2005 etc

glass packingExportation plywood crates

Pearl cotton between glass to present scratches

Strong safety steel belt to fix crates

Our glass crates suitable for crane to carry

glass loading

Glass containers loading:

Fix glass crates firmly in container

Glass crates will not move when container lift by crane