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About us

Shenzhen Sun Global Glass  Co., Ltd,  Founded in 1993 by Mr. Zhang Guanghui, is now a manufacturer of professional glass in China for construction glass and glass furniture. At the beginning only produce float glass clear, finally managed to be a leading glass company that supplies the complete range of float glass and heated processed safety glass and decorative glass to China is also on the outside of the market more than 70 countries around the world. 

 Now Sun Global Glass is equipped with 14 production lines. Mainly producing super glass float glass quality clear, reflective glass, colored, glass mirrors, etched frosted etching acid, glass pattern clear, tempered glass, laminated glass, insulated glass, printed glass silk screen and decorative wall mirrors. All Crystal comply with quality standards for different countries, such as ISO, CE, EN, BS, ANSI by SGG. 

The support of local exporters in Guangdong provience, We have been chosen as the excutive President Enterprise Association for integration of resources of Commerce International

Our mission is to offer our customers excellent service and top quality glass products and be a reliable supplier for long term cooperation.     


  Float glass production line:

  Clear float glass
  Production capacity: 3500 tons per day
  Size of glass: length max. 8000 mm
  Glass thickness: 2mm - 19mm
  File size: 2140 x 3300, 2140 x 3660, 2440 1830 x 2440 x 3660, other 
  Extra large size: available
  Minimum order quantity: 1 container

 Production of tempered glass:

 Hardened Gass
 Production capacity: 20000m 2 per day

 Crystal shape: flat form and shape curve

 Glass size: cut custom
 Glass thickness: 4mm - 19 mm
 Glass color: clear, ExtraClear, bronze, grey, green, blue, colors, painted 
 Working from the edge: beveled, straight, multiple options of
 Large tempered glass: available

 Laminated glass production line:

 Laminated glass
 Production capacity: 10000m 2 per day
 Type of the interlayer: EVA, SGP, PVB
 Size of glass: 1830 by 2440, 2140 by 3300, cut to the measure
 Thickness standard: 6.38 mm, mm 8.38, 10,38 12,38 mm

 Thickness to measure: 8,76 mm 13.52, 17,52 mm, mm 21.52, others...

Sun Global Glass products of glass according to standard of quality of all those countries. Certificates available for show for the ISO, CE, EN12150 and small focus EN12543, BS6206, ANSI Z97.1-2009., that covers almost all the countries of the world.