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Do you know the advantages of insulated Louver glass?

  • Author:kim
  • Source:www.sggglassmanufactuer.com
  • Release on:2017-08-27
Do you know the advantages of insulated Louver glass?

Insulated louver glass windows are produced by insulated tempered glass and aluminum system.But do you know insulated louver glass’s advantages? 5MM+9A+5mm insulated glass is widely used in the windows system.

1.High performance in energy saving

In summer, when the louver blade closed,which can be blocked the transmittance of sunlight and  avoided convection of hot and cold air, It reduced the energy saving greatly.

2.Fireproof performance

Traditional curtains are flammable in any buildings. Once fire happened, curtains are made of by Cloth yarn, chemical fiber and other materials will release a lot of toxic smoke in the combustion.It will cause people died because of asphyxia. But glass insulated louver glass windows won’t happen this. The insulated louver glass windows will not fire.And will not release smoke in the fire.


According to research, insulated glass can be reduced 25db the voice from outside.The air space of insulated thicker, the sound proof effect better. Noise reduction can reach 36 dB. Ensure Perfect sound insulation effect,


In the cold area during winter,   because temperature difference between indoor and outdoor.The traditional glass doors and windows system will appear frost phenomenon.But insulated louver glass windows can be avoided this. Because the interlayer of insulated glass is filled with dry air. Most insulated louver glass is produced with 5MM+9A+5mm insulated glass. The glass substrate can 5mm clear float glass,5mm tinted glass,5mm reflective glass,5mm Low-E glass,5mm tempered glass and 5mm low iron glass. It depends your request.