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How to prevent glass become mildewed?

  • Author:Brenda
  • Source:www.sggglassmanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2016-11-07
Glasss mildewy (glass mouldy) is a industrial problem for glass companies, glass wholesalers, and glass manufacturers. How to prevent glass become mildewed is one of the most important question to be solved. Because it will save a lot of waste and relieve the financial pressure. 

What is glass mildew?
When glass stored unproperly in a humidity enviorment, the moisture will adhere to the glass. In case the moistrure hasn't been dealed timely, it will spread into the interior of glass, which form more serious mildewy. 

The mildew show in several way: white spots, white mist, glass blackening, rainbow spots, pressure prints.

Solutions to prevent glass become mildewed (become mouldy):

1. High quality float glass have lower risk of glass mildew. Because high quality glass surface is perfect, effciently delayed the time of moisture spreading to interior of glass. 
2. Proper storage: store glass in a dry and ventilation environment
3. Do not put glass on to the ground especially wet ground directly. 
4. Package with paper insert or mildew resistant powder. 
5. Do not let glass explored in direct sunlight or high temperture for long time when storage. 
6. Use the glass as soon as possible after produced. 

Hope this article can help our clients from glass mildew or glass moisture problem.

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