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What are advantages of SGG Silver mirror glass?

  • Author:Susan
  • Source:www.sggglassmanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2016-11-18
Since 50's the mastery for silver coating mirror glass are Germany's Krupp company, Italy's Bowen company and the United States Somaca company, they present the highest level of production equipment for Senior Silver Mirror. 

In nowadays, as one of the main manufacturers of mirror and glass in China, Shenzhen Sun Global Glass Co., Ltd., has good reputation in this area. It only focus on producing high-end quality of Silver coating glass. That is because SGG silver mirror always produced by excellent quality of clear float glass,  low iron clear float glass, and tinted glass. They have transparent surfaces, no bubbles, no scratch, no mildew spot.

The most advantages of SGG Silver mirror including: 

1.High reflectivity 

2.Good performance of color reduction 

3.You get a life-like clarity image from mirror 

4.Silver coating is coated uniformly and solid. 

5.Double layers of back paint, to realized an excellent performance of waterproof and anti-mildew. 

6.High efficiency production time and delivery time. 

7.Full range of stock sizes can be options: 1830mm*2440mm, 1830mm*3050mm, 2134mm*3050mm, 2250mm*3300mm, 2250mm*3210mm, etc. 

8.Full range of thickness from silver mirror glass 2mm, silver mirror 3mm, silver coating mirror 4mm, clear mirror silver coating 5mm, silver mirror 6mm, and silver mirror glass 8mm are available, it also can provide some rare thickness for example: 2.3mm silver mirrors, 2.5mm silver coating glass, 2.7mm silver mirror glass. 

9.Customized mirror size, mirror color, and mirror shape are available. 

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