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What’s chemical toughened glass process?

  • Author:Bella Zhang
  • Source:www.sggglassmanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2016-11-25
Chemical toughened glass - Ion exchange method

The ordinary flat glass or float glass through the ion exchange method, the glass surface composition changes, the glass surface to form a layer of compressive stress layer processing (surface ion exchange).

1.Chemical enhanced glass/ is close to physical reinforced glass, good thermal stability, low processing temperature, not easily deformed, and its products are not limited by thickness and geometry shape. The equipment is simple and the products are easy to realize.
2.bending strength is 3 to 5 times the ordinary glass, impact strength is 5 to 10 times the normal glass.
Compared with physical tempered glass:
1. Long production time (exchange time up to several hours)
2. Low efficiency and high production costs (molten salt can not be recycled and high purity requirements)
3. Debris and ordinary glass is similar, security is poor
4. Unstable performance (poor chemical stability)
5. Mechanical strength and impact strength and other physical properties easy to subside (also known as relaxation) and the intensity decays rapidly at any time

Chemical toughened glass is widely used in different thickness of flat glass, thin-wall glass and can also be used for fire-resistant glass. Especially for enhancing the ultra-thin, small size or complex shape of glass products, glass ion exchange treatment will not produce significant optical deformation.

Srouce from www.sggglassmanufacturer.com