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10mm crystal gray tempered glass,10mm crystal grey toughened glass,10mm crystal gray safety glass10mm crystal gray tempered glass,10mm crystal grey toughened glass,10mm crystal gray safety glass10mm crystal gray tempered glass,10mm crystal grey toughened glass,10mm crystal gray safety glass

10mm crystal gray tempered glass,10mm crystal grey toughened glass,10mm crystal gray safety glass

  • Glass type: 10mm crystal gray tempered glass
  • Other name: 10mm crystal gray toughened glass / 10mm crystal gray safety glass / 10mm ESG crystal gray glass
  • Thickness range: 4mm to 10mm  
  • Size: cut to size, extra large size, bespoke size (minmum 250mm x250mm, maximum 3300x13000mm)
  • Color: clear,extra clear,blue,green,bronze,gray etc
  • Package: safety exportation wood crates
  • Delivery: 7-15 days, urgent service available
  • Container: LCL, FCL

Sun Global Glass 10mm Crystal Gray Tempered Glass
CE EN 12150 & BS 6206 Standard Quality Toughened Glass Manufacturer

10mm crystal gray tempered glass is cut 10mm crystal gray glass into customized size, then pass them into tempered furnace and heating crystal gray glass to near glass softening point of  700 degrees, then rapidly cooled. This process can make outer surface of the glass in a state of high compression, but the core or center of glass in compensating tension. By production process the crystal gray glass becomes safety glass which 4-5 times stronger than annealed glass. It is why tempered glass also called safety toughened glass.

The tempered glass can not make any process after finish, such as cutting, grinding edges, drilling holes etc. So all process details must confirm before production.


1. 10mm crystal gray toughened glass panel is 4-5 times stronger than ordinary 10mm crystal gray float glass. The toughening process has greatly reduced the risk of thermal breakage.

2.When breakage occurs,10mm crystal gray toughened glass sheet will break into small cubic fragments and the breakage will not do harmless to human body. It is a kind of safety glass for modern building material.

3. Reinforced glass has good thermal stability, can withstand 300 ℃ temperature difference, 3 times the ordinary annealed glass.


Flat tempered glass and curved toughened glass belongs to safety material for modern buildings, commonly used below areas;

1.Architectural application, as glass window, glass door, partition wall,glass railing, etc

2. Furniture usage, glass table top, and other furniture.


Sun Global Glass supply tempered glass with full range of colors, thickness and glass substrates.

1. Glass colors:  clear,extra clear, blue,green,bronze,gray etc

2. Glass thickness: 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 

3. Glass size: minimum size 250x250mm, maximum size length 3300x13000mm

4. Edge work: Flat polished edge, chamfer edge, beveled edge, waved edge, OGEE edge, triple OG edge, and others. 

5. Drilling holes: holes diameter need to be bigger than twice of glass thickness.

6. other process details, such as different types of cut-outs, safety corners based on clients drawing.


1. Conforms to the standards of Europe, North American and China: ISO 9001, CCC, BS6206, CE EN12510, GB15763.2-2005 etc.

2. Tolerance:
Thickness tolerance: within 0.2mm; Dimension tolerance: normally within 1mm

Product Details:

Product pictures of 10mm crystal gray toughened glass:

10mm crystal gray tempered glass

10mm crystal gray toughened glass

Holes and Cut outs:

Production Line:

clear tempered glass

Package and Loading:

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