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10mm low iron tempered glass,10mm ultra clear toughened glass,10mm starphire tempered glass10mm low iron tempered glass,10mm ultra clear toughened glass,10mm starphire tempered glass10mm low iron tempered glass,10mm ultra clear toughened glass,10mm starphire tempered glass

10mm low iron tempered glass,10mm ultra clear toughened glass,10mm starphire tempered glass

  • Glass type: 10mm low iron tempered glass
  • Other name:10mm ultra clear tempered glass, 10mm extra clear tempered glass, 10mm super clear toughened glass, 10mm crystal toughened glass, 10mm super white tempered glass etc.
  • Size: customized size (minimum: 300mm x300mm, maximum: 3300x12000mm)
  • Thickness range: 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 19mm
  • Glass processing services: polished edge, drill holes, round corner, cutout,cut notches, etc.
  • Color: clear, ultra clear, frosted, tinted colors, printed colors
  • Delivery: 7-15 days, urgent delivery service is available
  • Package: Packed with exportation wooden crates
  • Container:  20’OT, 20'GP, 40’HQ


Ultra Clear Tempered Glass is a kind of low iron content toughened glass, normally is approximately one quarter of the iron content of standard clear tempered glass.It’s produced through the processing of hardening the structure of 10mm low iron glass to be made with internal stresses, comes with a result in increasing strength. 10mm ultra clear toughened glass has most features of 10mm clear tempered glass but its transparency is higher than ordinary 10mm clear tempered glass.Compared to anneal glass, it’s more secure and it can reduce the injury to people. Because when it occurs breakage, the glass sheet will become small particles with blunt edges. It is a kind of safety glass.


1. Glass colors: clear tempered glass,bronze tempered glass,green tempered glass,gray tempered glass,blue tempered glass,etc

2. Glass thickness: 4mm ultra clear tempered glass,5mm ultra clear tempered glass,6mm ultra clear tempered glass,8mm ultra clear tempered glass,12mm ultra clear tempered glass,15mm ultra clear tempered glass,19mm ultra clear tempered glass

3.Glass size: minimum size 300x300mm, maximum 3300mmx12000mm

4. Edge work: flat polished edge, beveled edge, chamfer edge,beveled edge, OGEE edge, beveled edge, triple OG edge, etc.

5.Drilling holes: holes diameter need to be twice of glass thickness.

6.Cut outs: cutting and measurements is accurate to based on customer’s drawing..

7.Safe corner: safety corner can protect people from accidents.


1.High Strength: Compared to 10mm ultra clear float glass, 10mm ultra clear toughened glass is five times harder. It can withstand heavier impacts, load heavier weight and has higher strength.

2.High Safety: When the breakage occurred, the tempered glass will become small cubic pieces, It can reduces the injury to people.

3.High Transparency: The low iron tempered glass are with higher transparent then clear toughened glass, can reach above 91%.

4.Heat Stability: 10mm ultra clear toughened glass can withstand a temperature range of 250℃ to 320℃.

5. consistency of the glass color: The iron content in the raw material is only 1/10 or less than ordinary glass, the ultra white glass absorbs less of the green in the visible light than ordinary annealed glass, can ensure the consistency of the glass color.

6. Glass blew rate is low, As the ultra-white glass raw materials contain less impurities such as NiS, making the ultra-white glass has a more uniform composition than order clear glass, with its internal impurities less, thus greatly reducing the possible of blew.


Toughened glass have been widely used in places particular responsibility, a high risk of breakage or subject to strong sunlight would cause a significant increase in thermal stresses because of this feature.

1. Table top glass

2. Window glass

3. Door glass, especially shower door glass

4. Railing glass,fence glass, balustrade glass


10mm ultra clear ESG glass are produced strictly under ISO9001 Quality System and have passed following domestic and abroad quality standards:

1. 10mm low iron toughened glass meet CCC(Chinese Safety Glass Compulsory Certification)

2. 10mm low iron toughened glass meet China tempered glass standard GB15763.2.

3. 10mm low iron toughened glass meet meet European safety glass standard E12510.

4. 10mm low iron toughened glass meet British standard BS6206.

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