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13.52mm curved laminated glass supplier, 13.52mm bent laminated glass manufacturer, 13.52mm curved safety glass supplier13.52mm curved laminated glass supplier, 13.52mm bent laminated glass manufacturer, 13.52mm curved safety glass supplier

13.52mm curved laminated glass supplier, 13.52mm bent laminated glass manufacturer, 13.52mm curved safety glass supplier

  • Glass type: curve laminated glass 13.52mm
  • Other name: bent laminated glass / curved safety glass / bending laminated glass
  • Shape: curved glass
  • Bending angle: up to 180 degree
  • Thickness range: 8.76mm to 65mm
  • Size: maximum size 2400x 5000mm
  • Glass color: clear, ultra clear, acid etched, tinted colors, printed colors
  • PVB color: transparent, semi-transparent, white, milk white, other pantone colors
  • Package: wood crates for exportation
  • Delivery: 10-15 days, urgent service available
  • Container: LCL, 20'GP
SGG 13.52mm curved laminated safety glass supplier and manufacturer in China

Curved laminated safety glass is consisting of two panes of 6mm curved tempered safety glass and laminated by 1.52mm PVB film. The film is adhesive and elasticity that connected the two curved glass firmly. Then compressed in an autoclave. The two toughened glass are 5 times than annealed glass, and with the process of the lamination, the glass is very strong and protective. With the curved shape and variety of interlayer options, the curved laminated safety glass provide artist brilliants ideas of modern construction design.

Bending tempered laminated glass production is quite difficult to produce accurate and repeatability of dimensions - so it requires a great deal of commitment and precision in the machining process.

1.Security: curved laminated glass is made of two panes of tempered glass, so that the glass is high strength that 5 times stronger than annealed glass. Moreover provide protection against glass breakage.
2.UV rays reduction: curved tempered laminated glass can stop 99% harmful UV rays to human and objects inside the house, such as furnitures
3. Sound control: The PVB has different density with glass panes, it reduce sound transmittance. If consist of insulated glass, the sound insulation improved ultimately.
4. Decoration: curved toughened laminated glass offers new possibilities for modern architecture design, and provides attractive solutions for interior decorations.
5. Processing: Curved tempered laminated glass can be processed with polished edges, safety corners, drilling holes and cut outs for installing with different types of accessories.

1. glass windows
2. glass curtain wall
3. glass shower encloure
4. glass balcony
5. glass spiral railings
5. entrance glass door
6. glass elevator
7. glass baluatrade
8. other applications like glass partition, glass aquarium, glass dome...
9. Curved laminated safety glass may consisits of insulated glass for more applications.

Specifications of 13.52mm toughened laminated safety glass:
6mm curved tempered glass + 1.52mm PVB or SGP + 6mm curved tempered glass
1. Glass thickness: 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 15mm 19mm 
2. PVB thickness: 0.76mm, 1.14mm, 1.52mm, 1.90mm, 2.28mm...
3. Interlayer: PVB or SGP
4. Glass color: clear, ultra clear, acid etched, grey, green, blue, bronze and printed color or patterns
5. Customizd size: Max: 5600mm*2400mm, Mini: 400mm*600mm
6. Radius:
5-6mm glass mini radius: 1000mm
8-12mm glass mini radius: 1500mm
15-19mm glass mini radius: 2000mm
7. Bending angle: up to 180 degrees

In accordance with certificates of both tempered glass and laminated glass:
- China standard ISO, GB15763.3
- Europe standard BS6206, EN12510, EN12543
- North American standard ANSI Z97-1

Details of 13.52mm curved tempered laminated glass:
Product pictures:

Production lines:

Package and Loading:

Our Projects in Poland, for curved tempered laminated glass roof of PKP railway station:

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