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16.89mm hurricane resistant laminated glass,8mm+0.89mm+8mm sgp laminated glass,sentryglas glass for balcony railing16.89mm hurricane resistant laminated glass,8mm+0.89mm+8mm sgp laminated glass,sentryglas glass for balcony railing

16.89mm hurricane resistant laminated glass,8mm+0.89mm+8mm sgp laminated glass,sentryglas glass for balcony railing

  • Glass type: 16.89mm SGP Laminated Glass
  • Other name: Hurricane proof laminated glass
  • Composition: tempered glass + SGP Film + tempered glass
  • Single glass thickness: 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 15mm 19mm
  • SGP Thickness: 0.89mm,1.52mm,2.28mm etc
  • Maximum length:6000 mm
  • Minimum width:2500 mm

SZG 8mm+0.89mm SGP film+8mm tempered laminated glass- Best Laminated glass brand in China building glass industry

16.89mm SGP hurricane proof laminated glass are made by two layers of 8mm tempered glass and with SGP interlayer film. Compare to PVB or EVA, SGP laminated glass are with highest strength and Cohesiveness, make it easy to adapt to the latest and most stringent requirements of today's construction market.


16.89mm hurricane resistant laminated glass

16.89mm sgp laminated glass


Glass Substrate Options: ultra clear glass, clear glass, tinted glass, reflective glass, silkscreen glass, Low-E glass, frosted glass, etc.  

SGP Sentry film thickness: 0.89mm /1.52mm /2.28mm 

SGP laminated glass thickness: 10.89mm SGP laminated glass,12.89mm SGP laminated glass,16.89mm SGP laminated glass,20.89mm SGP laminated glass, etc

SGP brand:  DuPont or Saflex SOLUTIA based on customers’ request

Max size: 6000mm(Length)*2500mm(Width), can be bespoken  

Glass shape: Both flat laminated glass and curved laminated glass are available, will customize based on clients’ drawing.

sgp laminated glass


1.The tear strength of sgp laminated glass is 5 times than PVB laminated glass and hardness of sgp glass is 100 times than PVB laminated glass. 

2. As SGP laminated glass are with highest stickiness, It have the function of hurricane resistance, can resist bigger storms. 

3. Sgp interlayer laminated glass improve the performance of bullet-proof glass. 

4. Extremely durable and resistant keep the glass in flawless and transparent after years of exposure.  

5. Laminate sgp film glass is suitable for frameless design in open air, such as balcony railing etc.

6. Excellent safety performance after after broken.

SGP laminated technical data

SGP Application: 

As SGP laminated glass has good performance, it has been widely used in various industries. With safety, beauty and unique combination of further demand,SGP laminated glass have wide application in construction, see below:

1. Glass walkway, glass bridge, glass floor etc

2. Open air design, such as balcony railing, pool fence.

3. Glass facade, glass curtain wall etc

SGP glass application

Quality Certificates:

SZG Sgp laminated produce strictly follow ISO9001 Quality System. It pass domestic and International quality standards.

1. 16.89mm SGP laminated glass meet Chinese quality standard CCC Cerfiticate.

2. 16.89mm SGP laminated glass meet Europe standard EN14449, E12510 and American market standard SGCC.

3. 16.89mm SGP laminated glass meet British standard BS6206 .

4. 16.89mm SGP laminated glass meet China Construction Glass Standard GB9962 and GB15763.2.

Glass certificate

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