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17.52MM Heat Soaked Curved Glass Skylight,, 8.8.2 HST Bent Laminated Glass, 17.52MM Heat Soak Bent Toughened Laminated Glass

17.52MM Heat Soaked Curved Glass Skylight,, 8.8.2 HST Bent Laminated Glass, 17.52MM Heat Soak Bent Toughened Laminated Glass

  • Glass type: 17.52mm HST curved laminated glass
  • Other name:Heat soaked curved toughened laminated glass
  • Size: customized size, Max: 5600mm*2400mm, Mini: 400mm*600mm
  • Color: clear, ultra clear, acid etched, gray, green, blue, bronze or any color based on Pantone chart.
  • Package: safety exportation wood crates
  • Delivery: 7-15 days, urgent service available
  • Container: LCL, FCL
17.52mm Heat Soaked Curved Laminated Glass for Glass Skylight, Glass Canopy, Glass Visor...

Curved glass also referred as bent glass, hot bent tempered glass. When the flat glass is heated until to the softening degree, then through computer control to realize automatic radian changing and adjusting the radian, to make sure the glass panel can be formed to the desired shape. Through the mold shaping by computer control and the quick cooling, thus curved glass take advantages both hot bent glass and tempered glass.

For this case of 17.52mm Heat Soaked Bent Laminated Glass, all 8mm bent glass must pass Heat Soaked Test before they are sent to laminating furnace. That is a best solution to solve the risk of the spontaneous breakage of tempered glass, to be sure they can be applied on public area, such as: shopping mall, airport, train station, school, etc.

17.52MM HST Bent Toughened Glass Specification:

1. Glass compose: 8mm curved glass+1.52MM interlayer+8mm bent glass 

2. Glass type: can be clear float glass, ultra clear float glass, tinted glass, reflective glass, Low-E glass, silkscreen glass, etc. 

3. Interlayer options: PVB film, SGP sentry Film 

4. PVB color: transparent, milky white, red, green, yellow, blue, etc 

5. Max size: 4200mm*2440mm 

6. Mini Size: 400mm*600mm 

7. Mini Semi diameter: 5mm~6mm: 1000mm
                                     8mm~12mm: 1500mm
                                    15mm~19mm: 2000mm 

8. Interlayer thickness: for PVB film 1.14mm, 1.52mm,2.28mm, etc
                   For SGP film 0.76mm, 1.52mm, 2.28mm etc.

PS: In the view of interlayer PVB film 0.38mm/ 0.76mm are too weak, they can’t hold the glass panel. So we suggest to use PVB film thickness from 1.14mm at least. 

SGG Services: 

We also process patterned, stained, cast, glue-chip, ground, and acid-etched glass, drill holes, cutout, cut notches, etc. These flat pieces are CNC processed and then undergo the complex processes to create bent tempered laminated glass. Irregular glass shape are also can be produced by SGG.

1.Glass facades 

2.Glass front doors 

3.Glass swimming pool fence 

4.Glass skylights 

5.Glass canopy 

6.Glass ceiling 

7.Glass curtain walls 

8.Glass partitions

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