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17.52MM Low E Tempered  Laminated Glass , 884 Low E toughened laminated glass ,8+1.52+8 Low E tempered laminated glass

17.52MM Low E Tempered Laminated Glass , 884 Low E toughened laminated glass ,8+1.52+8 Low E tempered laminated glass

  • Specifications:
  • Glass type:Low E toughened laminated glass 8 mm+8 mm
  • Other name: Low E tempered laminated glass 8mm+8mm /Low E laminated safety glass 8mm+8mm
  • Composition: 8mm Low E tempered  glass + 1.52mm  pvb+ 8mm Low E tempered  glass
  • Glass color: clear glass, acid etched glass, printed glass, blue, green, gray, bronze
  • Single glass Thickness: 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm
  • PVB color: clear, white, milky white,any pantone colors
  • PVB Thickness: 0.38mm, 0.76mm, 1.14mm, 1.52mm, 1.9mm
  • Glass size: Maximum 8000 mm
SGG 17.52 mm Low E Tempered Laminated Glass Supplier and Manufacturer in China

17.52 mm Low E toughened laminated glass It is a kind of high security laminated glass. It is bonded by interlayer with 2 Low E tempered glass sheets . May be the interlayer are PVB, EVA or SGP. PVB is a kind of widely used interlayer. Low E toughened laminated glass has a perfect performance in Energy saving and Light pollution. So it is widely used in curtain wall,facade,partition and balustrade.


1. Security: 17.52 mm Low E toughened laminated glass .They combine the advantages of tempered and laminated glass. Once the break occurs, interlayer bonded fragments, therefore the fragments will not fall, which effectively prevent the fragments harms humans through the fall of glass breakage incident, to ensure the personal safety.

2. sound proof:  PVB film It has a different density with glass panels, stop the transmission of sound. A standard window insulated with a layer of laminated glass would have a kind of sound around transmission of 32-35, very improved sound controlling from an ordinary window non-laminated glass. 

3 .Energy Saving:  The building laminated glass made of PVB coating can effectively reduce the transmission of sunlight and the air conditioning energy consumption

4.Anti Light Pollution:It can be reduced the transmission of the light of the Sun. So it will has a nice performance in light pollution.

5.3LOW-E glass has good optical properties. Low-E glass has a high transmittance of sunlight in the visible light, up to 80% or more. While the reflective rate is very low, which makes it compared with the traditional coated glass, optical properties greatly improved


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What is the advantages of Low E tempered laminated glass?

When heat or light energy is absorbed by glass, it is either converted away by moving air or reradiated by the glass surface.Improves the energy-efficiency of your home, so reduces the amount of energy you use. Low e toughened laminated glass is more effective. Mean while, it also keeps the advantages of toughened laminated .

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