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6mm anti reflective glass, 6mm AR coating glass panel, 6mm anti refelectiv coated glass cut to size

6mm anti reflective glass, 6mm AR coating glass panel, 6mm anti refelectiv coated glass cut to size

  • Specification:
  • 1. Thickness: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm
  • 2. Size: customized size
  • 3. Edge work: beveled edge
  • 4. Standard broadband AR reduces surface reflection from 4% to less than 0.5%
  • 5. Glass substrate: clear float glass and low iron float glass
6MM Anti-reflective coated glass

Excellent for all types of ambient lighting and increases transmission which can reduce necessary power output of LEDs and other displays

AR glass (Anti Reflective Glass)  is a glass that has been optically coated on one or two sides on the clear float glass or ultra clear float glass  to diminish reflections and increase the light transmission, to reduce surface glare and increase substrate transmission and brightness offering better contrast definition by reducing surface reflection over a specific wavelength range. Ghost images and multiple reflection can be minimized and possibly eliminated by applying an AR coating on the glass surface.

Abrisa Technologies AR coatings are all dielectric single or multilayers and are designed for low reflectance and high transmittance in the UV, visible and near IR spectral bands. 

Here attached a picture to show the difference between AR glass and AG glass:

In this section 6mm AR glass can be produced by 6mm clear float glass or 6mm ultra clear float glass. Each glass substrate must have flawless,flat surfaces and transparent apperance; no bubble, no scratch, no mildew spot, etc.

Features of anti-reflective glass:

1. High transmission & low reflectance 

2. Abrisa Technologies can AR coat customer-supplied glass optics or fabricate from our existing stock of anti-reflective coated glass 

3. Large format AR-coated glass readily available (contact factory for stock availability) 

4. Contrast enhancement for sharp, clear graphics and text 

5. Standard broadband AR reduces surface reflection from 4% to less than 0.5% 

6. Can be used in conjunction with conductive ITO coatings, bus bars, UV rejection coatings and surface enhancement coatings (index matching available) 

7. Can be custom designed to meet your wavelength requirements 

8. Anti-Smudge coating can be applied over AR to reduce “fingerprinting” 

9. Hydrophobic topcoat can be applied to eliminate moisture  buildup

Typical Applications: 

1. Electronic Displays 

2. Optics for LED lighting 

3. LCD Displays 

4. Front Panel Displays 

5. Thin-Film LCD Heater Panels 

6. Instrumentation Windows 

7. Lighting 

8. Telecommunications 

9. Architectural Windows 

10. Display Cases 

11. Storefronts 

12. Projection Port Windows 

13. Sight Glass

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