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6mm lacquered glass,6mm lacquered glass sheets,6mm lacquered glass price

6mm lacquered glass,6mm lacquered glass sheets,6mm lacquered glass price

  • Specification
  • 1.Glass substrate: clear float glass; extra clear float glass, clear tempered glass, and starphire tempered glass
  • 2.Color options: red, blue, black, white, customized as per pantone number
  • 3.Glass thickness: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 19mm
  • 4.Standard size: 1830mm*2440mm, 2140mm*3300mm
  • 5.Customized size & shape are available
  • 6.Can be applied to laminated glass production materials
  • 7.Production time: within 7 days after payment received
6mm lacquered glass--Colorful & Opaque Appearant with Vivid pattern printing

Colorful Lacquered Glass have been playing a important role in both residential decoration and commercial decoration. You can see it everywhere, in homes, offices, hotels, shops and museums, and so on. Clear Glass fused with colored lacquer can create smooth, homogenous surfaces as wall-paneling, in furniture and in wardrobe and cupboard doors, and so on.

In this section the Lacquered Glass 6mm thickness is produced by paint depositing and baking a coating of lacquer to on one side of 6mm clear float glass or 6mm ultra clear float glass. The lacquer is a solution of film forming materials, 
it is natural or synthetic, usually applied as an ornamental or protective coating. 

colorful lacquered glass

The production material of 6mm clear glass must have flawless appearance and flatter surfaces, to make sure colored lacquer to be with the brilliance of glass. There are multi-colour for options as per Pantone Number. Please note that 6mm Colored Lacquered Glass have opaque in appearance, no light transmittance is allowed. When they are applied to different places, the architect can have different design with special pattern painting. Shenzhen Sun Global Glass Co., Limited can produce customized Colored Painted Glass with specific design to meet different demanding locations, such as bathroom, kitchen splash panel. 

6MM Colorful Lacquered Glass Specification

1.Glass substrate: 6mm clear float glass; 6mm extra clear float glass,6mm clear tempered glass, and 6mm starphire glass 

2.Standard size: 1830mm*2440mm, 2140mm*3300mm 

3.Customized size & shape are available 

4.Can be applied to laminated glass production materials 

5.Production time: within 7 days after payment received 

6mm lacquered glass


1.Inspiring modern day design 

2.Colorful Painted Glass helps convey a bright and creative appearance with special colour and light effects. Enhanced by the glass, the colour brightens up interiors and animates surroundings with reflections and brilliance. 

3.A durable and flawless finish. When Colored Lacquered Glass is applied to the back of the glass, it is protected from damage, easy to clean and maintain. 

4.Resistance to humidity. 

5.The tempered glass also can be Colored Painted Tempered glass, to enhance safety. 

Processing Range:

After the coat of lacquer has been bonded, the final product can be cut, edge-worked and drilled like ordinary mirrored glass. When cutting the glass, it is important to place the sheet with the lacquered face down on a clean cutting table to avoid damaging the lacquer. This variety of glass can be customized by cold-painting decorative patterns or logos onto the glass surface. It can also be sandblasted and engraved. Different effects can be achieved, depending on whether the glass or lacquered face is treated. 


Can be as glass partition walls, glass doors, glass balcony railing, etc.

8mm lacquered glass applicaiton

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