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SGCC certificate elevator glass for sale,Much experience elevator glass manufacturer, Lifts glass suppliers and exporters in China

SGCC certificate elevator glass for sale,Much experience elevator glass manufacturer, Lifts glass suppliers and exporters in China

  • Product Name:Lift & Escalator Glass with 5+5MM Tempered Laminated Glass
  • Another name:5mm+0.76mm+5mm Laminated Glass for Sightseeing Elevator
  • Regular size: support custom as your need
  • Thickness: The thickness as customer’s requirement
  • Sizes: Flat Panels(5-110mm thickness
  • Max.:12000*3200mm
  • Min.:300*300mm
  • Curved Panels(5-80mm thickness)
  • Max. 9000(arc length)*3300 (height)
  • Min. 500*300mm; Min radius 500mm
  • Colors: Clear, ultra-clear or custom color
  • Packaging and Delivery:1.Safe poly wood crates.
  •                        2.Strong support for crates in shipping containers.
  •                        3.Full and experienced containers lading method.
  • Delivery: 3-10 days, urgent service available
  • Container: 20'GP, 20'OT, 40'GP, 40'HQ
  • Customized Production: specific according to your design, production, services and logistic needs.
SZG Professional Glass Manufacturer In China--Lift & Escalator Glass with 5+5MM Tempered Laminated Glass

Tempered laminated glass is a kind of most widely used glass in lift & escalator equipment. With high quality float glass and decent PVB,it is processed by tempered or laminated technology.
5mm+5mm tempered laminated safety glass also known as toughened laminated safety glass.

10.76mm laminated glass, which consists of two glass panes with a thin, clear vinyl layer in-between that prevents the glass from shattering on impact.

Tempered glass, which has been heat-treated to make it harder and more durable than standard glass.
You get the strength factor of tempered glass with the shatter-proof factor of laminated glass.


There are several advantages with tempered laminated glass:
1.Tempered laminated glass is harder and more scratch-resistant than standard glass.

2.If tempered laminated glass broken, it crumbles into “pebbles” rather than sharp pieces and        lamination prevents falling or flying glass shards.

3.The density of PVB/SGP/EVA film are different with glass and the film can stop sound transmission in some degree. 

4.Fire resistance: Toughened laminated glass can protect buildings against fire in some degree. 
5.5mm+5mm extra clear laminated glass has high light transmission.

6.Clear tempered laminated glass could help keep good view.

Type of tempered laminated glass: 
1.SGP film tempered laminated glass, SGP laminated glass use as hurricane resistance glass. The SGP glass have strong adhesiveness and can be used the area which need strong bonding.

2. EVA film tempered laminated glass, EVA film laminated glass normally use as indoor decoration with richful degin and colors, the adhesive of EVA is not strong and can not use outside.
3. PVB film temperedlaminated glass,PVB film laminated glass use most widely compared with other types laminated glass. Due to have good function of adhesiveness and its price is not high. 


Tempered laminated glass has a wide range of uses in homes, offices, and elsewhere:

1.Toughened laminated glass can be used for shopfronts and curtain wall

2.Toughened laminated glass can be uses for balustrades of balcony or spiral staircase

3.Toughened laminated glass can be used for swimming pool fences

4.Tempered laminated glass can be used for sightseeing lift

5.Tempered laminated glass can be used for structural glass wall systems

6.tempered laminated glass can be used for display case and showcase

7.Toughened laminated glass can be used for wind-resistant glass

8.Tempered laminated glass can be used for skylight glass

9.Tempered laminated glass can be used for flooring glass

10.Toughened laminated glass can be used for glass white boards


We offer a wide variety of glass for lift shapes, sizes, with square, oval or octagonal backed glass - even more challenging designs such as curved glass doors are available.Price depend on Size and Quality of product. 

One of the most prestigious types of elevators products are panoramic elevators. It can be installed in shopping and business centres, hotels, restaurants and homes, business centres, shopping malls, entertainment centres, hotels restaurants, grand subways and train stations.

1.Standard thickness: 4mm to 65mm thickness, 5mm+5mm, 6mm+6mm, 8mm+8mm, etc.
2.Standard size:Flat Panels(5-110mm thickness)
   Curved Panels(5-80mm thickness)
   Max. 9000(arc length)*3300 (height)
   Min. 500*300mm; Min radius.500mm
3.Standard color:Clear or ultra-clear

Details explain:

What is toughened glass?
Toughened glass is up to five times stronger than regular glass. This is achieved by heating at high temperatures (650°C) and then cooling very quickly. This process makes it tougher (hence the name) and up to 400% or 500% more resistant to heat and shock than ordinary glass.

What is laminated glass?
Laminated glass technically has the same strength as regular glass but has a plastic interlayer between two panes of 5mm thick glass, holding them together. The PVB plastic interlayer is a tough resin which, should the glass break, will ensure it leaves no holes. Due to the layers, laminated glass is thicker than toughened glass and therefore offers better insulation but is heavier and more costly than laminated.

Quality Certificates:

Shenzhen Sun Global Glass is a well-known company for glass. The product quality assurance is by using optimum quality raw material made available by consistent merchants of the market. Our glass undertakes numerous quality checks to assure that these glass are up to universal norms and standards.
1. 5mm+5mm tempered laminated safety glass meet Chinese standard ISO9001 and CCC 
2. 5mm+5mm tempered laminated safety glass meet Europe standard EN12543, E12510 
3. 5mm+5mm tempered laminated safety glass meet British standard BS6206

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