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How does insulated glass windows works?

  • Author:Brenda
  • Source:www.sggglassmanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2016-10-23
Insulated glass(IGU glass) is widely used for windows due to its heat insulation and sound proof. To cosists of different glass panes the insulated glass have variety of functions.

Heat insulation
Glass windoes gain and lose heat by conduction, the less conductive material that use for windows, the better performance on heat transfer controlling. To use a coated glass on one side of IGU, the heat will be reflected outside of window. Besides double glazed glass has a air space, usually dry air or argon that seperated two glass panes, and stop heat transmission. The wider space used, the better performance of heat insulation. 

Sound Proof
Insulated glass can efficiency reduce sound transfer by the dual-pane glazing with air space. The wider space used, the better performance of sound control.

UV reduction
When it is cold, the sun's heat and light is pleasing. But in some areas the sun light is too much. People want to keep the benefits of sunshine, but refuse the harmful UV rays. Glass windows can reduce 99% UV rays, so to protect human and the objects inside of the house.

LOW-E coated
Low-e film can be coated on one side of Insulated glass units. And it is most efficient when used in conjunction with dual-paned, gas-filled windows. The low-e film can repels heat but allows lots of light, which can reduce both cooling and lighting costs.

To choose your glass window wisely, you can have a quiet, conformtable, and modern life.

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