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How does the sound proof glass windows works?

  • Author:KIM
  • Source:www.sggglassmanufactuer.com
  • Release on:2017-08-15
How does the sound proof glass windows works?

When talks about soundproof glass windows. What kind of glass will be in your mind?  Laminated glass or insulated glass. Actually how does it works? In simple terms, it is a kind of glass that can isolate voice.

1.Sound proof glass windows usually produce by laminated glass or insulated glass.Those two kinds of glass produced by 2 or 3 layers glass.Different glass type and glass thickness will influence the effect of sound proof effect.

2.For the laminated glass sound proof glass. It is made by two layers glass with interlayer(PVB). Normally it can be reduced 80 dB of traffic noise down to 45 dB. When the voice penetrate glass window, it will be reflected and reduced by glass glass medium.

The theory of soundproof glass windows.

1.The voice is produced by vibration. The voice was spread by air medium.Glass windows also spread the voice to indoor by vibration. So if we can control the frequency of glass window. Soundproof become much easier.When noise spread to soundproof glass window. And continue to reduce by soundproof glass, especially penetrate the PVB interlayer.  

2.The noise will absorb by PVB. When the noise come to indoor , only 5% rest.

3.When we use laminated glass for window, it has a perfect soundproof effect, as well as safety. The glass broken will not do harm to human body.PVB interlayer will bond glass breakage together.

4.Insulated glass is another kind of soundproof glass.The glass substrate can be clear float glass,tinted glass,reflective glass,tempered glass,laminated glass and Low-e glass. It is composed of two or more layers of flat/ curved glass, surrounded by high-strength high-density composite adhesive, the two or more pieces of glass and seal, the glass of the bonding and sealing. The middle filled with dry gas, the spacer filled with desiccant to ensure that the glass between the air dryness. In a way, the sound proof effect  better than laminated glass.