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What is Double Glazing Glass (DGU)?

  • Author:Susan
  • Source:www.sggglassmanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2017-08-14
Double glazing glass are double sealed with a primary seal of polypropylene and a secondary seal of silicone. To provide a hermetically sealed and dehydrated space, the glass plies are separated by a desiccant-filled spacer with three bent corners and one keyed-soldered corner or four bent corners and one straight butyl injected zinc plated steel straight key joint. The desiccant absorbs the insulating glass unit's internal moisture.

As we known that proper adhesion and sealing of insulating glass units (IGU) is a critical part of insulated glass windows and glass doors durability and performance. Primary and secondary sealing of multiple pieces of glass locks out moisture and adds structural stability to insulated glass panels.  An accurate desiccant application removes any moisture trapped in the gas space between the glass panes preventing condensation while improving insulating performance.  Thermal transmittance or U-value is also reduced by spacers or lineals that utilize structural foam materials as part of the window frame construction process.

The glass substrate of Insulate Glass are including: clear tempered glass, low iron tempered glass, tinted tempered glass, Low E tempered glass, silkscreen glass, frosted glass, etc. They can be laminated glass, heat strengthened glass, heat soaked test glass, etc. You can have flat insulated glass and curved insulated glass, customized size and thickness.

Welcome to bespoke double glazing units glass performance, we can produce samples for your confirmation. Variety glass combination are available from here.

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