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How much do you know U-shape glass?

  • Author:KIM
  • Source:www.sggglassmanufactuer.com
  • Release on:2017-09-24
How much do you know U-shape glass?

U shaped glass called U profile glass as well. it is a kind of new style glass.There were 40 years history out to China.It has a U shape. Comparing to the flat glass,which has a better.performance in strength,transparent and sound proof. It can be saved metal materian during building construction.

It is widely used for facade,partition and windows. We can find the U shape glass in our life easily.But we know a llttle about yU shape glass. Mostly is 7mm U profile glass.It cab be divided into 3 kinds of U shape  glass based on the appearance,color and strength.Based on the color, can be divided into clear ,ultra clear and color U shape glass.

How to design U shape glass?

1. There are many ways to treat the surface of U shape glass.Ordinary fine lines,
transparent, color and so on

2.U-shape glass is non-burning materia.It has a nice performance in fireproof.

It available in varying dimensions, up to a maximum of 6 meters lengths, and is designed to be cut to size. The nature of how U glass is connected  and secured to the perimeter frames means that by fitting the bladesvertically,long U glass facades can be achieved withoutthe need to break the design with (visible) intermediate supports.

Specification of U shape glass.


2.Face width:232mm,262mm,332mm

3.Flange height:60mm

4.Max length:6000mm, customizaed

5,Clear U shape glass,ultra clear U profile glass, Ice U shape patterned glass and ripple U shape glass