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The Glass Floor

  • Author:Brenda
  • Source:www.sggglassmanufactuer.com
  • Release on:2017-09-22
Nowadays, we can often see the transparent glass floor in some large shopping malls. Because on the one hand, it’s good for to the penetration of light, on the other hand, it looks artistic and reveals the effect of high-end atmosphere. Thus, the glass floor has been more and more popular. 

There are various types of floor glass. The common types are clear tempered glass floor, clear laminated tempered glass floor, frosted toughened glass floor, laminated frosted glass floor, ultra clear tempered glass floor, silk screen printing glass floor, patterned laminated glass floor, anti slip glass floor, etc. Generally, the floor glass should be tempered glass that with a strong stability and impact resistance, not as fragile as ordinary glass. Compared to other materials of the floor, glass floor is not only novel and beautiful, stylish and generous for the home decoration, but also has other irreplaceable advantages. It has a good translucent which can increase the room lighting, so that natural light filled the whole room. What’s more, it can increase the sense of space room, so that the room looks more spacious and bright when we use the glass as floor. For home decoration, the glass floor can be well integrated into different styles of the room and creates a sense of hanging.

We can add some of the favorite under the glass floor for special decoration. For example, blue sea, green simulation plants, colorful pebbles, etc., it would make our room with a natural beautiful scenery and let us have the unusual feeling for that.

Glass floor is environmental, it can be recycled used and easy to clean. But the glass floor is slippery, we should be careful to fall. In order to keep the beauty of glass floor, we also need to protect it.

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