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How to distinguish Acid Etched Glass and Sandblasted Glass?

  • Author:Susan
  • Source:www.sggglassmanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2016-11-03
Both Acid Etched Glass and Sandblasting Glass have the effect of rendering the glass translucent by scattering of light during transmission, thus blurring images while still transmitting light. That is why they are also referred as Frosted Glass, or Non-fingerprint Glass.


Here are main features differences between Etching Glass and Sandblasting Glass for your reference: 

1.Process: etching glass is a chemical acid etched glass surfaces, it is a stylish production process; Sandblasting usually uses a high-speed machine that blasts down on the glass panel with sand. 

2.Touch feeling: Acid Etched Glass have a smooth surfaces when you touch it; But Sandblasted Glass have a rough touch feeling. 

3.Sandblasting Glass is an old-time production process. 

4.Compare to Sandblasted Glass, Acid Etched Glass is easier to maintain and clean.

Sun Global Glass is a Frosted Glass manufacturer in China, you can have Non-fingerprint Glass thickness from 2mm to 19mm. They can be bespoken variety building glass, such as: Frosted Tempered Glass, Frosted Laminated Glass, Frosted Insulated Glass, etc.  All of tinted glass, clear float glass, ultra clear float glass and silkscreen glass can be Frosted Glass substrate.

The more details about Non-fingerprint Glass, please contact with us. 

-- Sun Global Glass