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The features and classification of fireproof glass door

  • Author:Brenda
  • Source:www.sggglassmanufactuer.com
  • Release on:2017-09-01
Fire proof glass door is a kind of fireproof door. But different from other fire doors, it always has good appearance. Thus, It can not only be used for fire or public places, but also can be used for interior decoration.

1. The functions and characteristics of the fireproof glass door
The greatest function of fireproof glass doors is that it can guard against fire, because after the special treatment, it has a certain fire performance which can control the spread of the fire and isolate dust and toxic gas diffusion as well. But it does not mean that it can completely block the proliferation of the fire, its function is limited and there is time limit, but can only in a certain period of time to achieve the control of the fire.

2.The classification of of the fireproof glass
There’s always refer to a standard when we do classifications, the different standard so that the classification is different. Fireproof glass is mainly divided to Class A, B and C, based on fire resistance and thermal insulation properties.

Class A refers to refractory and heat insulation completely, there are complex and perfusion types. It requires that the products with high performance, is necessary to be able to light, as well as fire smoke and sound insulation. It’s widely used, such as fire proof glass doors, fire windows, clear floor and etc.. 

Class B requires to be completely refractory, which is generally a composite glass, can be isolation of smoke, the its effect is not good as class A.

Class C is just completely refractory glass single panel, with high strength and have smoke isolation effect, but not heat insulation, so it can only be used for fire window and curtain wall outside.

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