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What’s off-line coated glass?

  • Author:Bella Zhang
  • Source:www.sggglassmanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2016-11-19
With the consciousness of environmental protection and energy saving, off-line coated glass more and more widely applied to the glass curtain wall and residential.
Off-line magnetron sputtering coated glass can be divided into solar control coated glass and low-E coated glass (Low-E glass) two categories. 

Solar control coated glass

Solar control coated glass refers to coated glass has a certain control of the wave length range of 350 ~ 1800nm sunlight.

Low-E coated glass 

Low-E coated glass also known as "Low emissivity" glass, is coated glass that have high reflectance of a wave length of 4.5 to 25 far-infrared. Low-E coated glass as one of magnetron sputtering coated glass.Low-E glass has the characteristics of low heat transfer coefficient and infrared ray reflection function. Its main function is to reduce the indoor and outdoor far-infrared radiation energy transfer, and allow solar radiation as much as possible into the room, so as to maintain the indoor temperature, saving heating and air conditioning costs. The transmittance of visible light of low e glass is high, the color of reflected light is light, almost hard to see. 
Sun Global Glass produce good quality solar coated and low e glass. The common low e glass is 4mm-8mm low e glass

Source from www.sggglassmanufacturer.com