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What’s the difference between insulated glass and laminated glass?

  • Author:Bella Zhang
  • Source:www.sggglassmanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2016-10-18
Insulated glass is composed of two or more pieces of flat or curved glass, separated by aluminum spacer and sealed with a sealant. As the hollow glass is formed by the dry gas space between glass and the edge of the insulated glass is sealed with a sealant, the hollow glass cavity filled with dry air or inert gas, the part of the gas is long-term sealed in the cavity, not with the outside air convection, therefore, Insulated glass on both sides of the heat will not reduce because of the gas between the glass convection and will not take away heat. On the other hand, the air is a poor conductor of heat, and the two layers of glass separated by a sealing gas are less heat-transferable to each other, thereby providing good heat insulation. In addition, in the insulating glass on both sides of a large temperature difference, because a piece of glass only feel the temperature, the two glass surface will not have a large temperature difference. Therefore, when the temperature difference between the inside and the outside of the hollow glass is not particularly large (≥100℃), frost and condensation do not occur. In addition, it should be noted that the hollow glass is not a vacuum glass, hollow glass cavity gas pressure basically consistent with the outside world, or very likely to cause glass broken.
insulated glass
The biggest difference is that the laminated glass is not sealed, which will sandwich the air has a certain humidity, and with the outside world (indoor, outdoor) air convection. Indoor and outdoor air and glass inter-layer in the air convection will cause condensation frost, not only affects the line of sight and lighting, when the temperature rises, the glass surface of the frost into the water when the water in the lower part of the laminated glass. Second, suspended particles in the air, dust in the sandwich inside and outside the convection inevitably be brought into the sandwich adhesion in the glass surface, the passage of time will stain the glass sandwich inside, and difficult to clean.

laminated glass