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What’s the difference between wired glass and laminated glass?

  • Author:Brenda
  • Source:www.sggglassmanufactuer.com
  • Release on:2017-07-23
Laminated glass and wired glass are two different type of glass. Following is the  main difference between them.

First, the manufacturing technique.
Wired glass: Wired glass is also called the shatterproof glass and steel wired glass. Via rolling method, the metal wire or metal mesh is embedded in the glass plate, finally, it’s made of a kind of shock proof plate glass. Its advantage is that its strength is higher than common glass. When it is hit, it will form the radial cracks but won’t fall down to hurt people. Thus, wired glass is widely used in high-rise buildings, the skylight, canopy roof, doors and windows and vulnerable to vibration.

Laminated glass:Usually, the laminated glass is composed by two pieces of ordinary glass sheets,(also can be toughened glass or other special glass)  and organic glue layer between the glass. When it’s broken, the debris will still stick to the film and won’t fall off, so that it can effectively reduce injury to people. Thus, the laminated glass is popularly used in the projects which have more security requirements of decoration .

Second, some features.
Wired glass: What it’s hit or the temperature shock, the pieces of glass won’t splash, and it can prevent short flame spread. There is a guard against rob.

Laminated glass: Good transparency, high shock resistance, because of the effect of interlayer PVB (SGP, EVA) film bonding, the debris will still stick to the film. It’s durable, heat resistance, high resistance to wet, cold resistance.

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Picture of laminated glass: 

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