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What's the screen printing glass process?

  • Author:Bella Zhang
  • Source:www.sggglassmanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2016-11-18
According to the principle of screen printing, the ink printed on the surface of the glass, and then use the ink curing measures.The printed patterns are firm and durable.

Glass suitable for silk printing 

According to user requirements to cut the glass, the shape can be a regular shape and irregular, and then grinding, wash and dry. The glass surface can not have water.

Screen printing flat glass is widely used in everywhere, such as display windows, architectural space partition, building exterior landscaping, mosaic glass and other places. At the same time, they are widely used in furniture decoration and game tools, as well as countless decorative and artistic creation. Screen printing has become a part of the creative design work for glass manufacturing. People can print color images directly onto the glass surface by screen printing. In addition, it can also be used to temporarily cover the non-graphic part of the glass surface, or in some areas of the glass surface printing preservatives and other additives to avoid etching or grinding. In contrast, you can directly screen print special ink to create etching or matte effect. Sometimes, people use the strong cover ability of screen printing, such as printed on the glass with a thin layer of conductive material, for production of anti-icing/cream device.
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Source from www.sggglassmanufacturer.com