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What's the specification and design requirement for laminated glass?

  • Author:Bella Zhang
  • Source:www.sggglassmanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2016-11-05
The range of glass is very wide in today. Laminated glass is the safety glass with good performance, it is not only withstand of light & heat, but also resist cold. in addition, the laminated glass is with specific effect of proof noise, because of those characteristics,It  is adopted by more and more building construction. But what is called laminated glass? As the name suggests, in two or more films sandwiched one or more layers of organic polymer film by high temperature or vacuum after the glass and organic polymer film permanently stick together Composite glass.
    The types of laminated glass are divided into different species according to different categories. According to the inter-layer of the melting point of different divided into: low temperature, high temperature, insulating glass; according to the inter-layer material is divided into: clip cloth, clip paper, folder plants, folder silk, folder Juan and other; according to mixed sandwich glass, dry sandwich laminated glass, hollow laminated glass; according to the layer is divided into: general laminated glass and bullet-proof glass.
Let's talk about the design of laminated glass:

1, The room required to use glass as the material need to use safety glass, in order to ensure the quality of housing.

2, Laminated glass can be made of curved or colored PVB film to produce colored laminated glass.

3, The choice of the use of laminated glass purposes should be according to the corresponding technical standards to obtain the corresponding technical indicators.
4, Laminated glass specifications:
    (1) The maximum size of laminated glass: 2500 × 7800mm
    (2) The minimum size of laminated glass: 300 × 300mm
    (3) The total thickness of laminated glass: 6.38-300mm
    (4) The Single piece of laminated glass thickness: 3-19mm
    (5) PVB film thickness: 0.38-2.28mm

5, Bent laminated glass specifications
    (1) The maximum size: 2500 × 4500mm
    (2) Commonly used for the length: 500-3500mm size, width 500-2000mm
    (3) Processing thickness: 5-19mm
    (4) Arc length: less than 90 degrees

Source from www.sggglassmanufacturer.com