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What should we do when glass suffering light pollution?

  • Author:KIM
  • Source:www.sggglassmanufactuer.com
  • Release on:2017-08-11
What should we do when glass suffering light polluted?

Glass curtain wall a kind of modern style building.It ‘s a symbol of high-rise buildings era.First spread to China  can be traced back to 1980s . But light pollution was unexpected by people. The light pollution was caused by the reflective glass of curtain wall. It was caused by the regular reflection .

Light pollution is one of the killers of the traffic accidents. The large glass curtain wall like a mirror. The reflective light will make the driver generate illusion and blind at a short time. According  to the reach of  optical experts, Mirror building’s glass reflects is more dazzling than sunlight. The reflective rate can be reached  82%-90%. The outdoor temperature was increased 4-5℃ by reflective light. Living a long time in light pollution environment will cause diminution of vision and mental disease.

But what are the reasons caused light pollution? (1) Large area of reflective glass used on the curtain wall. (2) The degree of light pollution is  related to the direction, position and height of the glass curtain wall.

The appeared of light pollution, it doesn’t means do not use glass curtain wall, the most important to use right glass type. Low E glass, it’s a kind of perfect glass for curtain wall.Low-E glass is short for Low-Emissivity. Low-E glass is used vacuum magnetron sputtering method on the glass surface coated with one or two or even three layers of silver film.
The low e glass can reduce energy absorption, control of indoor and outdoor energy exchange, protect of life and work vity Comfort, and achieve the purpose of environmental protection and energy conservation. Low e insulated glass not only have nice performance in energy saving,but also extremely light reflective.