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What kind of glass have good effects on heat insulation?

  • Author:Brenda
  • Source:www.sggglassmanufactuer.com
  • Release on:2017-08-08
Nowadays, energy saving is an hot topic that people usually discuss and people pay more and more attention to building materials if there is a energy saving effect. There are several types of energy saving glass that we commonly used. For example, heat-absorbing glass, heat-reflective glass, low-radiation glass, insulating glass, vacuum glass and ordinary glass and etc.

1. Generally, heat-absorbing glass can reduce the solar heat by 20% to 30% come into the room, reducing the air conditioning load. The characteristics of the heat absorbing glass is that its covered coefficient is relatively low, the total solar transmission ratio, the direct solar transmission ratio and the direct reflection ratio of sunlight are also lower. See the light transmission ratio and the glass color can be changed based on metal ion composition and concentration in the glass.

2. Heat-reflective glass is coated glass with solar reflection effects, its reflectivity is up to 20% to 40%, or even higher. Its surface is coated with metal, non-metallic and its oxides and other films, these layers can produce a certain reflection of solar energy, so as to achieve the purpose of blocking solar energy into the room. 

3. Low-radiation glass is also known as Low-E glass, it’s a kind of coated glass which has a higher reflectivity with wavelength in the range of 4.5 ~ 25um infrared ray. It has a lower radiance. In winter, it can reflect the indoor heating radiation infrared heat, the radiance is generally less than 0.25, to keep the thermal energy in the room. In summer, the road, the concrete floor and the walls of the building under the sun's exposure, absorb a lot of heat and radiates it around as the form of far infrared rays. The shielding coefficient of low radiation glass, the total transmittance of solar energy, the direct sunlight transmittance, direct sunlight reflectance, visible light transmittance and visible light reflectance and etc. are different from ordinary glass, the radiation rate of heat transfer coefficient is relatively low.

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