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Why I choose Glass Tops to protect furniture?

  • Author:Susan
  • Source:www.sggglassmanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2016-10-24
Building glass has been extended to the application of residential glass since people found it can be bespoken glass tops for restaurants, showrooms, shower doors, furniture protection coverings,etc.

Today I would like to discuss about the Glass Table Tops

Why people want to use glass as furniture projection tops?

  • Glass is beautiful, glass tabletops is a ideal way to add shine to an otherwise dull item; and glass covering is vulnerable to damage and weathering 
  • Protect your furniture from nicks, scratches, and other possible damage 
  • Refresh older pieces with a less permanent option, as compared to stains or paint. 
  • Glass has long life time compare to other covering materials 

Sun Global Glass factory is a main China Glass Top Manufacturer in China. It can offer you a fabulously wide variety of glass table tops to choose from, in any bespoken shape & size you an imagine. For example:

  • Round Glass Top 
  • Square Glass Top 
  • Rectangle Glass Top
  • Oval Glass Top
  • E-Oval Glass Top
  • Boat Shaped Top
  • Bronze Glass Top
  • Grey Glass Top
  • Black Glass Top
  • ... 
All glass have fine quality, and polished edges ensure a lovely combination of style, grace, and safety.
The more details about glass top, please contact with us directly.