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Why bullet proof glass can not be toughened glass? characteristic

  • Author:Brenda
  • Source:www.sggglassmanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2016-11-06
Bullet proof glass is a high level security glass. So why do not we use toughened laminated glass for bullet resistance? As we all know, toughened laminated glass is so high security that can resistant of hurricane. 

Firstly we need to know the characteristic of tempered laminated glass and annealed glass laminated

Toughened laminated glass is one of the most safety glass in the world. With PVB or SGP interlayer, the toughened lamintaed glass (VSG glass) can resistant of high impact, wind pressure,and temperature change. But it is disadvantage is, when broken by bullet, the toughened glass will be shattered to thousands of fragments. Although they are still catptured by PVB or SGP, by thousands pieces of glass fragment will reduce the strength in a minitue by splitting the viscosity of film.

Bullet proof glass is always made of annealed glass, at least 3 layers, minimum thickness 24mm. If laminated annealed glass, when shoot the glass, the interlayers will reduce the destructive of bullet,a proper designed bullet proof glass, can prevent bullet through the window. At the same time, since it is annealed glass, when shoot, there will be only one small hole in glass of the shooting area. The rest of glass still in a complete shape and remain the bullet resistance function. 

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