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10.89MM clear tempered curved SGP laminated glass factory, 10.89mm curved Sentryglas glass, 10.89mm bent SGP tempered glass supplier

10.89MM clear tempered curved SGP laminated glass factory, 10.89mm curved Sentryglas glass, 10.89mm bent SGP tempered glass supplier

  • 1.Glass configuration: 2* bent 5mm clear tempered glass
  • 2.Interlayer film: 0.89mm Dupont SGP film
  • 3.Size: bespoke cutting size
  • 4.Curved shape
  • 5.Grade A material
  • 6.Packing: seaworthy brand new plywood cases with foam protection
  • 7.MOQ: 500m2
Sentryglas DuPont glass 5MM  Bent Clear Toughened Glass +0.89MM DuPont SGP film+5mm Bent Clear Toughened Glass

Compare to traditional laminated glass interlayer films of PVB (Poly Vinyl Butyral)  or EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate), SentryGlasPlus interlayer (SGP) has great performance of laminated glass beyond current technologies.

  • Sentryglas Plus interlayer have five times the tear strengthened than PVB film, it could be more than EVA film.
  • SGP film have 100 times the rigidity of conventional PVB interlayer, could be more than EVA interlayer
  • When the laminated glass breakage occurs, not only the fragments can be adhered by Sentryglas Plus interlayer, but also the SGP film can have extraordinary performance of rebound resilience when the glass meet strong impact or wind load from bad weather or violence attack.

curved SGP glass

It is obvious that Sentryglas Plus interlayer is a nice innovation, has become an very effective engineering structure building glass. 

In this case, 10.89mm curved clear tempered SGP glass, it is an superb candidate for demanding applications in the architectural places, such as: curved glass shower doors, curved glass shower enclosures, bent glass windows, bent glass railings, curved tempered glass fences for swimming pools, bent glass handrails, curved glass balcony, etc.

Advantages of 10.89mm Curved DuPont Sentryglas SGP tempered glass:

1.Glass materials: 2*5mm curved clear tempered glass
  • All 5mm curved glass are produced by superb quality of 5mm clear float glass, they are auto grade quality or above; 
  • Each 5mm bent clear tempered are cut accurate sizes by CNC cutting machine, as per CAD drawings which are issued by the clients
  • 5mm bent glass are produced in tempered furnace, before that they can be treated as drilling holes, cutting notches, beveled edges, screen printed, etc.
  • 0.89mm thickness Superb quality of DuPont sentryglas plus interlayer film 

curved sentryglas glass

2.There are advanced production machine in Shenzhen Sun Global Glass factory, such as:
  • Tempered Glass Furnace (8000mm x 3300mm)
  • Laminated Glass Furnace (3000mm x 8000mm)
  • Dust- free Constant Temperature & Humidity Laminated Glass Production Line
  • Insulated Glass Production line (3300mm x 6000mm)
  • Silkscreen Printing Glass Production Line (2440mm x 6000mm)
  • Heat Soak Test Ovens
  • Jumbo size Computerized Cutting Machines
  • Imported Polishing Machines
  • Auto Grinding Machine
  • CNC processing centre, and so on.

SGP laminated glass

3.Sophisticated technicians and workers to ensure all the projects can be carried on smoothly and timely.

4.Package of 10.89MM Clear Tempered Curved SGP Glass

  • brand new, durable, seaworthy plywood case with foam projection inside
  • Interlayer paper, corks separations or protection film, bespoke package is available
  • Seaworthy wooden crates 
  • Iron belt for consolidation
  • you can order containers of 20GP, 20OT, 40HC, and 40OT

SGP laminated glass

Hereby 10.89mm bent clear tempered laminated SGP glass have advantages on strength, clarity, durability, fabrication and installation ease.

Except curved tempered heat treatment, we also can offer heat strengthened (HS/ half tempered glass) and heat soaked testing (HST), that is 10.89mm curved heat strengthened sentryglas plus laminated glass and 10.89mm bent heat soaked SGP glass products.

SZG overseas projects

Sun Global Glas sells processed glas to many countries, and help our customers build famous Projects and Landmarks worldwide.
North American market: USA, Canada, Mexico, etc.
South American market: Chile, Colombia, Uruguay, Ecuador, Bolivia, etc.
European market: UK, Poland, Norway, Italy, France, Germany etc.
Middle East market: Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iran, etc.
Asia market: Vietnam, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Bangalesh etc.

SGP laminated glass
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