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10mm furniture table top glass covering supplier,glass table top with entire glass,10mm toughened glass table top glass

10mm furniture table top glass covering supplier,glass table top with entire glass,10mm toughened glass table top glass

  • Product name: 10MM Clear Tempered Glass Tops
  • Other names: Toughened Glass Table Tops; Tempered Glass Table Covering; Glass Tops, etc.
  • Glass thickness: 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 15mm 19mm
  • Glass type: float glass, tempered glass, laminated glass
  • Glass shape: any shape, round glass top, square glass top, rectangle glass top, oval glass top, oval glass top,etc.
  • Glass size: small size or oversize
  • Glass colors: clear, frosted, extra clear, tinted colors, printed solid colors, printed pictures
  • Packing: cardbox or polyfoam protection, then wooden crate for bulk pack
  • Delivery Time: within 7 days after deposit payment received
10mm clear tempered glass table tops supplier & manufacturer in China 

Glass table top can be used in many diferent ways,but most uesd to protect the surface of a table,desk,coffee table,meeting room .Normally we have two ways to use glass table top.When used as a covering on the a wood surface(or other material),the thickness most go with 5mm and 6mm.and there is no need tempered.When entire surface is made out glass glass ,not covering ,normally tempered thickness with 10mm and 12mm.

Why glass table tops?
- It can prevent possible damage ,scratches and nicks.
- Glass table top give you a excellent way to add shine
- protect surface of table and furnitures from oxidation and discoloration
- It also can renew the glass table with a glass table replacement.

What designs of glass table tops can find from us?
- clear and extra clear tempered glass table tops
- extra clear tempered glass table tops
- frosted tempered glass table tops
- broken glass table tops
- tinted color glass table tops, bronze, grey, green, blue
- screen printed solid colors, white tempered glass table tops, black tempered glass table tops...
- screen printed pattern designs, like dots, stripes, waves, laces...
- digital printing picture designs

How glass table top are used?
1.6mm is prefered thickness for furniture covering,other  thickness is also ok,but make sure the furniture can carry the weight.
2.edge options can be straight edge,flat polished edge ,chamfer edge,beveled,wave edge,round edge C edge OGEE edge and other. but flat polished edge prefered,other edge polished is also ok.
3.Glass Strength: flat glass is enough to protect the table top as furniture covering,it also can accept tempered to add safety as table top. especially for protect kid's safety.

What shapes of tempered glass table tops do we produce?
- round glass tops
- oval glass tops
- square glass tops
- rectangle glass tops
- special shaped glass table tops

Whan kind of table top  legs can be used?

It can be used with wood,metal,glass or ant other material.

Which tables can use tempered glass tops?
- dinner table tops
- coffee table tops
- kitchen table tops
- living room table tops
- meeting room table tops
- desk countertops

Product details:
10mm clear tempered glass is one of the most popular glass to work with furniture tops. Any shape and design above can be produced with 12mm tempered glass. 

Specifications of 10mm clear tempered glass table tops:
Glass thickness 10mm, 3/8 inch
Glass type float glass, tempered glass, printed glass, laminated glass
Glass color transparent, semi-transparent, solid colors and designs
Glass size maximum 8 metres
Processing details polished edge

Our valuable service:
1. OEM designs
2. quality gurantee
3. free samples available
4. free advisory service before order
5. timely delivery, urgency service available

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