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11.52 tempered laminated glass+12A+5mm tempered glass facade,toughened laminated insulated glass panel,554 VSG ESG+12A+5mm toughened glass IGU glass curtain wall

11.52 tempered laminated glass+12A+5mm tempered glass facade,toughened laminated insulated glass panel,554 VSG ESG+12A+5mm toughened glass IGU glass curtain wall

  • Other name: Hollow glass, heat proof glass, sound insulation glass, double glazing/double glazed glass, insulating glass, insulation glass
  • Shape: flat insulated glass, curved insulated glass
  • Composition: glass+aluminum insulation spacer+glass
  • Single Glass Thickness: 5mm to 10mm
  • Insulated glass glue: butyl glue and sulfur glue
  • Spacer thickness: 6A 9A 12A 15A 20A
  • Package: strong exportation wood crates
  • Delivery: 10-15days after deposit payment received
  • Container: 20'GP, 20'OT, 40'HQ

SZG 11.52 tempered laminated glass+12A+5mm tempered glass facade,toughened laminated insulated glass panel,554 VSG ESG+12A+5mm toughened glass IGU glass curtain wall

SZG Toughened Laminated Insulated Glass curtain walls are lightweight aluminum-framed facades housing glass or metal panels .Each glazing system requires careful integration with other adjacent structural elements such as wall claddings, roofs, and wall details. Curtain wall systems range from standard prefabricated systems to specialized custom wall units. Increased costs often come with additional customization and larger sizing.

In this section tempered laminated Insulated Glass Unit is a creative glass combination which is 13.52 tempered laminated glass and 5mm toughened glass separated by a sealed vacuum or gas or argon gas filled space.

13.52 tempered laminated glass+12A+5MM  clear Tempered Glass

Single Glass thickness 5mm clear tempered glass
 Spacer thickness 6A, 9A, 12A, 15A, 20A
 Gas in Spacer Air, Argon
 Glass thickness options 5mm/ 6mm/8mm/10mm/12mm, etc
 Other glass options  Low-E tempered glass, ultra clear glass,, tinted glass, reflective glass
Insulated glass size 1.Max: 2700x3700mm
3.Custom sizes
Other Insulated glass composition options 1.Clear tempered glass+ Low e tempered glass
2.Clear tempered glass+Reflective tempered glass
3.Or customized composition based on requirements. 

How effective is double glazing?

IGU(insulated glass units) can improved a lot to your home comfort level,combined with insulation in the walls, ceiling and floor,it will keep temperature stability and reduce heating and the cooling cost of appliance.

Double glazing a window with clear  float glass, you can halve the heat loss compared to single glazing  window if the size and shape.if you double glazing with low-e glass or using argon gas to fill the space between glass panel.


1). Thermal feature Insulating glass can reduce U value, especially when filled with inert gas 

2). Sound insulation Insulated glass can lower the noise, if applied with laminated pane,80 decibels of traffic noise could be as low as 45 decibels 

3) Anti-dew: Double glazing glass is filled enough desiccant which can efficiently absorb vapor in the inner space or penetrated from outside to ensure the gas in inner space is absolutely dry and won't dew.

4).High Safety: Not only keep the performance of tempered glass, but also laminated glass. Glass breakage not sharp and do not harm to human body. Furthermore, PVB will bond the breakage together. It will not fall down.

Advantages of glass facade

1.Energy Efficiency

Allowing sunlight to enter into a building can save electricity since you can use natural light instead of artificial lighting

2.Safety and strong enough

A structural glass facade is generally strong enough to withstand some of the harshest weather elements. Whether you live in an area with constant sun, wind or rain, the glass will retain its integrity and appearance much longer than many traditional building materials

3. UV rays

Glass can efficiently reduce 99% harmful UV rays to human

4. modern design and light through


Insulated glass have high energy saving and  sound proof ,anti UV rays,so insulated can widely used in curtain wall glass,glass facade,double glazing units window glass pane,double glazing partition.especially residential windows and curtain wall,

SZG IG units Quality Standard: 

1. comply with EN12150 European tempered glass standard 

2. comply with ASTM1048 American Standard 

3. conform with GB 9963-1998 Tempered Glass Standard 

4. conform with GB 17981-1999 Chinese Standard Tempered and Heat-Strengthened Glass 

5. Comply with Chinese Safety Glass Compulsory Certification (CCC), IGCC, CSI.

Product Details:

Ultra Clear Toughened Double Glazing Units Production Line:

Shenzhen Sun Global Glass Co., Ltd


Contact Person:Kim Wen

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