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15 mm tempered glass balustrade, 5/8 inch  toughened glass railing, 15mm frameless toughened glass for railing.

15 mm tempered glass balustrade, 5/8 inch toughened glass railing, 15mm frameless toughened glass for railing.

  • Application: glass railing / glass balustrade / glass handrail / glass fence / glass balcony / glass decking
  • Glass type: tempered glass / toughened glass / safety glass
  • Glass shape: flat and curve
  • Glass thickness: 15 mm
  • Glass color: clear
  • Edge work: polished flat edge / safety corner
  • Package: wooden crates package
  • Delivery time: 7-15 days
15 mm clear toughened glass balustrade supplier and manufacturer in China:

Glass railing a glass balustrade whenever a spectacular results to their homes or other buildings. Bring a flare of morden to fany space while also many other advantages. especially in comparison with other traditional building materials. 

it also installation.glass simple balustrade is more secure that the traditional balcony.that due to its solid design and CNC cutting machine, so the difference between glass and accessories is very small.it can fit romannear glass can be produced by tempered transparent, ultra clear frosted glass of tempered glass, tempered glass, reflective glass, tempered glass glass silkscreen, but SGP Sentinel Film laminated glass is extremely safety.it can withstand hurricanes


1. Glass colors: clear, extra clear, frosted, bronze, grey, green, blue, red, white, black, reflective glass colors, printed colors, 

3. Glass size: minimum size 300x300mm, maximum size length 13000mm

4. Edge work: Flat polished edge, chamfer edge, beveled edge, waved edge, OGEE edge, triple OG edge, and others. 

5. Drilling holes:When drilling holes,keep the holes dismater bigger than glass thickness

6. Cut outs: We used CNC automatic cutting machine making cutting more accurate.It can fits all kinds of accessories because of its accurate edges and cut outs.

7. Safe corner: we have nice edge polished  beveled edge for corner reduce less harmful to human body.

Difference between tempered glass balustrade and tempered laminated glass balustrade:

1.tempered laminated glass balustrade is higher strength and more safety.

2. tempered laminated glass has more designs to choose, such as transparent unique PVB color glass balustrades

3.tempered laminated glass provide higher protection. When glass broken, tempered laminated glass still stays in frame before replacement come. But it is not apply to frameless glass balustrade.

4. tempered glass balustrade is more economic as a balustrade. Many home decoration will choose 15mm tempered glass for handrails.

Quality standard: 

1 meet European EN12150 tempered glass standard  

2 comply with the American standard ASTM1048  

3. comply with GB 9963-1998 tempered glass standard 

4 comply with GB 17981-1999 Chinese standard

Package of 15mm tempered glass for balustrade:

Production Line for 15mm tempered glass:

Shenzhen Sun Global Glass Co., Ltd


Contact Person:Kim Wen

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