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15mm clear tempered  glass manufacturer in China

15mm clear tempered glass manufacturer in China

  • Glass type: clear tempered glass 15mm
  • Other name: clear toughened glass / safety glass / ESG glass
  • Thickness range: 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 9mm 10mm 12mm 15mm 19mm
  • Size: cut to size, extra large size, bespoke size (minmum 300mm x300mm, maximum 8000mm)
  • Color: clear, ultra clear, frosted, tinted colors, printed colors
  • Package: safety exportation wood crates
  • Delivery: 7-15 days, urgent service available
  • Container: LCL, 20'GP

SGG CLEAR TEMPERED GLASS 15MM- Safety building glass toughened and strengthened

Clear Tempered Glass is a customized  products,we cut clear flaot glass as customer's requirments(such as size,edge polishing,drilling holes,cut outs,etc),then heat to glass softening point about 700 degrees .When cool down quickly,the glass is about 5 times stronger than annealed glass.and its breaks into many small fragments (fully tempered).When the glass cool down slowly the fragments  is twice stonger than annealed glass and the glass are linar more likely to remain in the frame. Please note once glass tempered,absolutely do not cut,grinding deges and other processing.We SGG will send CAD design to customers before producing. Once they confirmed all the details,we will start producing.


1. Strength: 15mm clear tempered glass is 5 times stronger than annealed glass.The toughening process reduced the risk of thermal breakage a lot.

2. Breakage & Safety: when breaken occurs, clear tempered glass will break into small cubic fragments that do harmless to human body

3. Multiple functions: By change the glass substrate type, tempered glass could remain the features of this glass, meanwhile strength the glass. For example, low-e tempered glass, it is energy efficiency but also strong strengthed. It also can be laminated, insulated, and printed for specific requirements of different clients. 

4. Cut & Polishing: We used CNC automatic cutting machine making cutting more accurate.It can fits all kinds of accessories because of its accurate edges,holes and cut outs. Our accurate cutting and measurements promoted the implementation of installers. 


1. 15mm clear tempered glass can be used directly for tempered glass window panel,furniture,louver,skylight,glass roof , glass wall and shower door screen etc.

2. 15mm clear tempered glass can be used for balustrade and curtain wall with highly safety; 

3. Clear tempered glass 10mm can also be insulated, to be sound proof and heat control.


Sun Global Glass supply tempered glass with full range of colors,and glass substrates.

1. Glass colors: clear, extra clear, frosted, bronze, grey, green, blue, red, white, black, reflective glass colors, printed colors, 

3. Glass size: minimum size 300x300mm, maximum size length 8000mm

4. Edge work: Flat polished edge, chamfer edge, beveled edge, waved edge, OGEE edge, triple OG edge, and others. 

5. Drilling holes:When drilling holes,keep the holes dismater bigger than glass thickness

6. Cut outs: We used CNC automatic cutting machine making cutting more accurate.It can fits all kinds of accessories because of its accurate edges and cut outs.

7. Safe corner: we have nice edge polished  beveled edge for corner reduce less harmful to human body.


1. Conforms to the standards of Europe, North American and China: ISO, CCC, CE, BS6206, EN12510, ANSI Z97.

2. High strength and puer clean surface. Select 40% of high quality clear glass for tempering.

3. Excellent work on details:  smooth edge polishing, drilling holes tolerance +/- 0.9mm

4. Strong exporter wooden  package.

Product Details:

Product pictures of Clear Tempered Glass 15mm:

15mm clear tempered glass

annealed glass and tempered glass

Holes and Cut outs:

Production Line:

clear tempered glass

Package and Loading:

clear tempered glass

Our Projects:

Our promise is that you receiving clear tempered glass 15mm with high quality and safety condition from us. 

Shenzhen Sun Global Glass Co., Ltd


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Gufee Shen
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