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17.52mm Low e Laminated Tempered Glass,8mm Clear Tempered+1.52mm PVB+8mm Low e Tempered Laminated Glass,8mm+8mm Low-E Laminated toughened Glass

17.52mm Low e Laminated Tempered Glass,8mm Clear Tempered+1.52mm PVB+8mm Low e Tempered Laminated Glass,8mm+8mm Low-E Laminated toughened Glass

  • Glass name: 8mm+1.52mm+8mm laminated double glazed low e glass,
  • Other name: 17.52mm Low E Laminated Safety Glass; 848 Low E tempered laminated glass manufacturer ;security tempered laminated glass
  •             with 8mm low emissivity glass,17.52mm toughened laminated glass,
  • Composition:Glass+PVB/EVA/SGP film+glass
  • Thickness of single glass: 5mm to 10mm
  • Maximum Size: 3M*12M 
  • Interlayer thickness:0.38mm,0.76mm,1.14mm,1.52mm and so on
  • Package: Strong exportation wooden crates
  • Available glass colors : We support customized as your required
  • Available PVB color: transparent, semi-transparent, white, milk white, other pantone colors
  • Delivery: 7-15 days, urgent service is available
  • Container: 20'GP, 20'OT, 40'HQ
SZG Professional building glass manufacturer--EU standard 17.52mm low e tempered laminated glass

Low-E Glass also called Low emissivity glass. It is a low-E coated glass, which is an energy-saving glass in terms of relative heat-reflective glass. Low e glass is an important building material, and the demand for Low e glass is growing in the construction industry as the decorative requirements for buildings continue to increase.17.52mm low e tempered laminated glass made by 8mm tempered low e glass+1.52mm PVB film+8mm clear tempered glass.There are many kinds glass also could make laminnated glass with low e.For example,clear float glass,tinted glass,reflective glass,tempered glass and low e glass also have perfect performance when it become a part of insulated glass. 

There are 2 kinds of low e glass base on the diffierent production way:

Online pyrolysis deposition "Low-E" glass in the United States there are many companies products. Such as PPG's Surgate200, Ford's SunglasH. R "P". These products are completed during the float glass cooling process. Liquid metal or metal powder is sprayed directly onto the surface of the hot glass. As the glass cools, the metal film becomes part of the glass. Solid, the film is hard and durable. This method of producing "Low-E" glass has many advantages: It can be bent, tempered, do not have to be used in a hollow state, can be stored for a long time.

Offline vacuum sputtering off-line production of Low-E glass
, is currently widely used in the international vacuum magnetron sputtering coating technology. Unlike pyrolytic deposition, the sputtering method is offline. And according to the location of the glass transmission has a horizontal and vertical points. Sputtering process to produce "Low-E" glass, need a layer of pure silver film as a functional film. Silver film between the two metal oxide film. The metal oxide film provides protection to the pure silver film and increases the color purity and light transmittance as an intermediate layer between the film layers.

Type of laminated glass interlayer : 

1. SGP laminated glass, SGP laminated glass use as hurricane resistance glass. The SGP glass have very strong adhesiveness and can be used the area which need strong bonding.
2.EVA film laminated glass, This type of laminated glass use as indoor decoration with richful degin and colors, the adhesive of EVA laminated is not very strong and can not use outside. 
3.PVB film laminated glass,This type laminated glass use most widely compared with other types laminated glass. Because PVb laminated glass have good function of adhesiveness and its price is not high compared with SGP laminated glass. 


1.Low-E glass main function is to reduce the indoor and outdoor far-infrared radiation energy transfer, and allow solar radiation as much as possible into the room, so as to maintain the indoor temperature, saving heating and air conditioning costs. The transmittance of visible light of low e glass is high, the color of reflected light is light, almost hard to see. 
2.Safety function: 17.52mm low e laminated tempered glass have both the functions of tempered glass and laminated glass,  When it broken, the debris still stick to the film and won’t fall off, the whole glass is still  in complete shape to offer protection before replacement.
3.Low-E glass is a kind of new-generation coated glass which can reflect outdoor solar energy.
4.Low-E glass has good optical properties. Low-E glass has a high transmittance of sunlight in the visible light, up to 80% or more. While the reflectance is very low.


1. Low emissivity coating glass can be used as insulated glass curtain wall, glass facade,etc.
2. Low e glass can be used for doors,windows

Installing windows containing Low-e glass with many benefits:

1.Improves the energy-efficiency of your home
2.Reduces the amount of energy you use
3.More effective than single glazing or standard double glazing
4.Provides you with the quality and reassurance you would expect from a leading brand

Picture details of  17.52mm low e tempered laminated glass: 

Product image:
saving energy low e glass,low e tempered laminated glass,toughened laminated glass

production line:

Laminated glass production line,tempered laminated glass,high quality laminated glass

Package image:

Laminated glass package,tempered glass package,insulated glass package

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