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21.52 mm tempered frameless balustrade 21.52 mm laminated glass, laminated framless glass hardened for sale, railing Glass laminate security in China21.52 mm tempered frameless balustrade 21.52 mm laminated glass, laminated framless glass hardened for sale, railing Glass laminate security in China

21.52 mm tempered frameless balustrade 21.52 mm laminated glass, laminated framless glass hardened for sale, railing Glass laminate security in China

  • 1. product name: glass railing / glass handrail / balustrade glass / glass fence
  • 2 type of glass: tempered laminated glass / laminated safety glass
  • 3.composition: tempered glass + PVB + tempered glass
  • 4. Design: clear, ice-cream, dyed colors, colors PVB, printed colors and designs
  • 5. thickness: 8,76 mm to 40 mm
  • 6 work edge: polished edges, holes, cut notches, corners of safety
  • 7. delivery time: 7-15 days, urgent service available
  • 8. packing: paper inserts for scratch proof, then for bulk packing wooden crates
21.52 mm clear toughened laminated glass balustrade supplier and manufacturer in China

Glass railing a glass balustrade whenever a spectacular results to their homes or other buildings. Bring a flare of morden to fany space while also many other advantages. especially in comparison with other traditional building materials. 

it also installation.glass simple balustrade is more secure that the traditional balcony.that due to its solid design and CNC cutting machine, so the difference between glass and accessories is very small.it can fit romannear glass can be produced by tempered transparent, ultra clear frosted glass of tempered glass, tempered glass, reflective glass, tempered glass glass silkscreen, but SGP Sentinel Film laminated glass is extremely safety.it can withstand hurricanes

Specification of 21.52 mm clear toughened laminated glass railings:

1) 21.52 clear tempered laminated can be combined with tempered glass 10 mm + 1. 52PVB, film EVA or SGP + 10 mm toughened clear glass, if you use SGP film tempered laminated glass balustrade, which can withstand the strong wind, can keep people security hardening the environment

(2) other thickness coating mm available intermediary 0.76 1.14 mm, 1.9 mm

(3) PVB options: clear, white, milky white, any pantone color

(4) curved and flat in shape of are available.

The advantages of handrail tempered laminated glass in comparison with tempered glass railing 

Tempered laminated glass is more secure than tempered glass, glass once broken, the interlayer are stuck fragments, fragments do not discard and do harm to the human body. That you can imagine once fallen fragments of glass apart from upper air, is really dangerous, but if using laminated temepred glass, you can avoid this case.

The advantages of tempered laminated glass handrail:

(1). glass balustrade are eco-friendly:If those who are care environment, don't worry it.because glass balustrade eco-frinendly, it can be recycled.

(2) easy to maintain the laminated glass:It is easy to clean. If a glass balustrade is damaged or scratch, which you can easily restore it to its original beauty by polishing. This is an important advantage than wood or metal simply cannot compete with.

(3) security: 21.52 mm tempered glass lamianted is extremely high security. People are prejudiced against the glass because they think that it has potential risks. Don't worry about it. Tempered laminated glass is difficult broken unless serious situations. Even broken fragments not strong, they do damage to human


Our service:
  • our new wooden case packaging sailor band with foam protection inside, Pearl to protect each glass wool. 
  • Cut notches: precise measurements and position, tolerance ± 1mm
  • Holes: the countersunk holes are precise and perfect for the requirement of connection that produces against CAD drawings 
  • Edge working: glass edge straight, flat and smooth, a pleasant aesthetic work. 
Quality standard:

1 meet European EN12150 tempered glass standard 
2 comply with the American standard ASTM1048 
3. comply with GB 9963-1998 tempered glass standard 
4 comply with GB 17981-1999 Chinese standard

Glass box:

Applications of 17,52 mm clear tempered laminated glass railings:
railings of glass with stainless steel frame

All frameless glass balustrades glass railings

frameless glass balustrades accessaries

Wood and glass railings

  • Each piece of glass is alignment separation of corks 
  • New wooden crates band 

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