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39.04mm toughened laminated glass,triple glazed laminated glass,36mm three layers tempered laminated glass manufacturers39.04mm toughened laminated glass,triple glazed laminated glass,36mm three layers tempered laminated glass manufacturers

39.04mm toughened laminated glass,triple glazed laminated glass,36mm three layers tempered laminated glass manufacturers

  • Composition:Glass+PVB film+glass+PVB film+glass
  • Thickness of single glass: 5mm to 10mm
  • Maximum Size: 3.3M*12M 
  • Interlayer thickness:0.38mm,0.76mm,1.14mm,1.52mm etc
  • Available glass colors : We support customized as your required
  • Available PVB color: transparent, semi-transparent, white, milk white, other pantone colors
  • Delivery: 7-15 days, urgent service is available
SZG 39.04mm Tempered Laminated Glass- best building glass manufacturers and factory in China

39.04mm laminated glass is a kind of laminated glass, which is made of three layers of 12mm tempered glass sandwich together. The middle layer is two layers of 1.52mm PVB film, after heating and high-pressure special process, the three layers of glass adhesion together. With the process of lamination, the laminated glass is super strong and high protective against breakage. Laminated glass consider to be safety glass in modern building material market.
39.04mm tempered laminated glass

Tempered Laminated glass features:

1.Safety glass features: Due to PVB have good adhesive, laminated glass breakage will bond by pvb film and will not fall down. For this feature, laminated use widely as safety glass in modern buildings.

2.Tempered glass features: tempered laminated glass will break into small granular after breakage, the breakage will not harm human beings. 

3.Sound resistance function: The density of film are different with glass so the film can stop sound transmission. 

4.UV rays resistance: Tempered laminated glass reduces the penetration of UV rays and protect indoor objects from UV rays radiation. 

5.Fire resistance function: Toughened laminated glass can protect buildings against fire, have the function of anti fire at some degree.

Production Area:

laminated glass production


Glass thickness :39.04mm tempered laminated safety glass

Other glass thickness: 15.04mm laminated glass, 18.04mm laminated glass, 21.04mm laminated glass, 27.04mm laminated glass, 33.04mm laminated glass, etc

Min size: 300x300mm 
Max size: 3300x12000mm

Glass color: transparent laminated glass,ultra clear laminated glass, green laminated glass,brown laminated glass,blue laminated glass,gray laminated glass,acid etched laminated glass,silk screen laminated glass etc.

PVB thickness: 0.38mm PVB laminated glass,0.76mm PVB laminated glass,1.14mm PVB laminated glass,1.52mm PVB laminated glass,1.9mm PVB laminated glass etc

Production Details:

Quality Certificates:

39.04mm laminated glass are produced strictly under ISO9001 Quality System and have passed following domestic and international quality standards:

1. 39.04mm tempered laminated glass meet CCC(Chinese Safety Glass Compulsory Certification).

2. 39.04mm tempered laminated glass meet China laminated glass standard GB9962.

3. 39.04mm tempered laminated glass meet European safety glass standard EN12543, EN14449, American safety glass quality SGCC.
building glass certificate


39.04mm laminated glass have wide range of usage in architecture with its good performance, mostly use in following areas:

Glass floor
Glass bridge
Glass partition
Glass wall
Glass facade

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