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4mm aluminum mirror glass sheet, 4mm aluminum coating mirror, 4mm aluminum mirror wholesale4mm aluminum mirror glass sheet, 4mm aluminum coating mirror, 4mm aluminum mirror wholesale

4mm aluminum mirror glass sheet, 4mm aluminum coating mirror, 4mm aluminum mirror wholesale

  • Specification:
  • Glass Name: Aluminum Mirror Glass
  • Other name: aluminum mirror, aluminum mirror glass sheet
  • Thickness: 2mm, 2.5mm, 2.7mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm
  • Substrate: clear float glass, low iron glass, tinted glass
  • Max size: 2440mm*3660mm
  • Stock sizes: 1830mm*3050mm, 2134mm*3300mm, 2134mm*3050mm, 2250mm*3210mm, etc.
  • Production time: within 7 days after check deposit payment.
Aluminum Mirror Glass are commonly coated with metal aluminum, the reflectivity of wavelength depends on both the thickness of the coating and on how it is applied. With modern vacuum aluminum deposition technology.

You can have high quality 4MM aluminum coating mirrors as they are produced by  precise production process:  

  • select grade A quality of float glass as mirror's substrate, for example: 4mm clear float glass, 4mm ultra clear float glass and 4mm tinted glass.
  • wash and clean glass sheet 
  •  put glass on the shelf
  • vacuum aluminum deposition
  • under the frame 
  • 2 layers of back painting
  • drying mirror glass sheets
  • inspecting mirror sheets one by one
  •  packing. 

PS: Mirror grade float glass including: clear float glass, low iron float glass and tinted glass. They must be high end quality, which have transparent and flat surfaces, no bubbles, no waves, to ensure people can have a true and clear reflection when they look through mirrors.  

4mm aluminum mirrror glass

4MM Aluminum mirror glass Specification:

1. Mirror thickness: 4mm

2. Substrate: 4mm clear float glass, 4mm low iron float glass, 4mm tinted glass

3. mirror color  options: transparent, dark green, french green, ford blue, dark blue, dark gray, euro grey, bronze, pink, golden bronze, etc.

4. Aluminum mirror sizes: 1830mm*3050mm, 2134mm*3300mm, 2134mm*3050mm, 2250mm*3210mm, etc

5. Cusotm size and shape are available.

6. tempered mirror glass, safety mirror glass, Eco-friendly aluminum mirror glass are available.

4MM Aluminum Coated Mirror Application:

1. It can be applied to furniture, such as: dressing table, dressing mirror, wardrobe mirror
2. It can be applied to laminated mirror glass, 
3. It can be applied to dancing room
4. ...

4MM Aluminum MIirrors Glass Packing

4mm aluminum mirrors
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