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2.5mm aluminum mirror supplier,clear aluminum mirror factory,manufacturer glass and mirror in China

2.5mm aluminum mirror supplier,clear aluminum mirror factory,manufacturer glass and mirror in China

  • Glass Name: Aluminum Mirror Glass
  • Other name: aluminum mirror, aluminum mirror glass sheet
  • Color:clear,bronze ,grey and customized color
  • Thickness: 2mm, 2.5mm, 2.7mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm
  • Substrate: clear float glass, low iron glass, tinted glass
  • Max size: 2440mm*3660mm
  • Stock sizes: 1830mm*3050mm, 2134mm*3300mm, 2134mm*3050mm, 2250mm*3210mm, etc.
  • Production time: within 7 days after check deposit payment.
Aluminum mirror is produced by high quality float glass ,which is produced by vacuum coating a layer of aluminum.let the melt aluminium splash on the clear float glass surface in the vacuum chamber, and then coated with two layers of protective paint. Quality mirrors are coated with double paint.

1.Perfect optical performance, with clear image and not distortion

2.cut size,edge working, polishing,drilling,silkscreen,safety mirror such as CAT I(PE Glossy film)and CAT II(PVC woven fabric film)

3.No copper free,friendly to environment

4.Top quality,can be used more than 10 years if used  indoor.


1)Can be decoration and and furniture for your homes 

2)Can be used for automobile

3)Can be processed for safety mirror  

Advantages of SGG Aluminum mirror glass.

1. Cutting size with CNC cutting machine ,accurate size control.Drilling holes with Water jet Cutting.No scratch on the mirror surface.

2. Satble packing with pearl wool between each two glass panel.Prevent scratch and mirror damage

3. Increased Durability . aluminum mirror surpasses the durability requirements that are defined in standard BS EN 1036 and its resistance to ageing tests is three times that of aconventional mirror

1.Aluminum  mirror is not waterproof,can not put in the humid situation such as bathroom or near water.

2.Aluminum mirrir is not  able to beveled or  polished.

3.Customized size and shape  will be accepted,also can processed as safety mirror such as tempered and laminated.

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Our promise is that you receiving clear aluminum mirror glass 2.5mm with high quality and safety condition from us!

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