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4mm light green reflective glass,4mm F-green reflective glass,4mm french green coated glass

4mm light green reflective glass,4mm F-green reflective glass,4mm french green coated glass

  • Glass type:4MM light Green reflective glass
  • Color: Clear, bronze, grey Euro, blue Ford, French Green, dark blue, dark grey, dark green, pink etc
  • Thickness: 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 5.5 mm
  • File size: 2140 x 3300,1650*2440mm,2250*3300mm
  • Deep processing: toughened, laminated, insulated, acid engraving etching, printed etc.
  • Application: windows, doors, etc. curtain wall.
  • Other sizes available: 1650 x 2140, 1830 x 2440 2250 x 3300, tailored to size
  • Package: wooden crates of strong export
  • Delivery: 3-7 days
  • Container: 20 GP
Green SGG 4MM Light GreenReflective Glass - Energy Saving glass

4mm light green reflective glass refers to a coating on the surface of the with one or many layers of metal,alloy or compound to effectively control the transmission of visible and low infrared. Reflective Glass comes in many intriguing hues to complement the architect’s designs.It is suitable for glass curtain wall and blends well with metal, concrete, tiles, granite and other building materials.

1.Offline (Soft coating) reflective glass adequately transmits and reflects visible light to create a comfortable interior environment. Its soft hues keep the interior atmosphere comfortable and filter direct sunlight to reduce glare.

2.Online reflective glass (hard coating): metal oxide is applied directly to the glass and in the production of glass float glass lehr hot. It is what we call hard layer. The line glass reflective Court and directly used as window glass.

The reasons why we should choose reflective glass?

1)Multiple selection of external appearance with different level of reflectance
2)When comparing to tinted float glass, reflective glass are complete win in each performance
3)A multitude of combinations to satisfy specific aesthetic and performance requirements.

Available size:


Others Available color:

Blue: dark blue, ford blue/lake blue

Gray:Dark gray ,Euro gray

Bronze:Golden bronze, euro bronze

Green:Dark green,F-green


1.High energy saving because of metal coating

2.Weaken the dazzling sunlight

3.Creating an aesthetic appearance to our building

4.Mirror effect


1.Windows and doors

2.glass facade,glass railing,glass balustrade,glass partition.

3.It can be processed into tempered glass,laminated glass and insulated glass.

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Production line:

 Package & freight:

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