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5mm rain clear pattern glass manufacturer,5mm rain rolled glass supplier,5mm clear figured glass on sale

5mm rain clear pattern glass manufacturer,5mm rain rolled glass supplier,5mm clear figured glass on sale

  • Glass type: float glass / annealed glass
  • Other name: patterned glass, figured glass, rolled glass
  • Pattern name: Silesia
  • Color: clear, bronze, grey, yellow
  • Thickness: 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm
  • Standard size: 1830*2440, 1830*2200, 1830*2000
  • Surface: texture on one side, or two sides
  • Quality: grade A, temperable patterned glass
  • Package: wooden crates
  • Delivery: 7-10days
  • Container size: 20ft container
SGG high quality 5mm clear patterned glass rain supplier and manufacturer in China

Patterned glass is a kind of decorative tanslucent flat glass,which embossed on one side or two side and roll over glass plates whilst they are still hot and moldable. It not only provides function of visual screen but also creates aesthetic senses of changing lights and shades.Special
transparency effect--The figured glass can distill comfortable volumes of light and create a delicate obscurity effect.
It widely used in Offices, buildings, hospitals, sports grounds, body-building rooms, bathrooms, lavatories, washrooms, etc. Patterned glass can be tempered and laminated for your safety requirements.

Numerous patterns are available to meet the needs of decoration.

The patterns are able to soften the light in a space and ,at a suitable angle,to curtain the visibility 

through it.

The patterns never fade,it also can be cut ground,drilled,tempered ,laminated and printed.

Light transmittance ratio >89%

Cutting size is very accurate,the tolerance controlled within 1mm.


Distinct pattern

Many color options(clear,bronze and yellow)

Multi options of pattern to meet your decorative needs

allowing a range from total privacy to semi-private or obscure

1. color: clear, bronze, grey, yellow
2. thickness: 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm
3. surface: texture on one side, or texture on two sides
3. standard size: 2140*3300, 1830*2200, 1830*2440
4. pattern name: silecia, oceanic, rain, rainbow, aqualite, chinchilla, chrysanthemum, diamond, flora, maple leaf, nashiji, masterlite, kasumi, hitchcross, woven, rain drop, morocco, yacare, difuso....

Glass- grade A, accurate thickness, temperable patterned glass
Package- firm wooden crates

1. Glass doors and windows
2. Glass partitions / glass dividers
3. Glass bathroom screens
4. Glass table tops
5. Glass furnitures / glass kitchen closets

Details of 5MM clear pattern glass Rain:
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